Mule Deer Hunting Photos & Stories

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South Dakota Muley
Bob Healey
This is by far the best deer I have shot! It is a clear 8 x 5, but there are actually 3 points on the left side that you can hang a ring off of (for boone and crockett scoring). So for B & C scoring it would be a 8 x 8. My taxidermist measured it and said it scored 205 with about 14 points in deductions (two sticker tines and one unmatched split tine on the back left fork). I have hunted the same area in NW South Dakota for over a dozen years. It is public land and has always been productive.
California Trophy Blacktail Buck
Hank Moore
The buck was on a dead run with a doe. He stopped to look at me after I shouted "Oh S*#@!" He was standing broad side at 60 yards. I shot him just behind his front shoulder, taking out the lungs and dropping him in his tracks. My advice, stay alert and always be ready to shoot, you never know when opportunity will knock and how long or short it will last.
Washington Blacktail Buck
Donnie Stenson
I was hunting 20 minutes outside Enumclaw Washington. When the morning hunt was coming to an end, I was getting up to leave, I spotted this nice 4 x 4 blacktail had just popped his head out of the tree line. From 175 yards away I shot, perfect shot. It was one of the most exciting days of my life!
1890's Colorado Hunting Party
submitted by Tom Klumker
Teddy Roosevelt hunting party near Yampa, Colorado in the late 1890's. Four mule deer hanging in the background, all appear to be 4x4's. Teddy Roosevelt is in the middle of the group. John Franklin Bird is on the front row left. Mr. Bird is the great-grandfather of Tom Klumker who was raised in the Toponas - Yampa, Colorado area.
Washington State Blacktail Buck
Harry Prothero
"You can hunt a long time in the wrong place!" "Some of the best spots are overlooked!" You may have heard these sayings. However, have you heard? "You see more Bucks when you're not hunting!" You only need to talk to a few old timers to hear all the anecdotal evidence that; deer know when the season starts and in fact they know what weapon you have in your hand.