Mule Deer Hunting Photos & Stories

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California Kern River Buck Hunt
Robin Newlen
I was drawn for the late season Kern River Buck hunt in California and this is what I was able to harvest. I was hunting with my very experienced husband (Kevin Newlen) and 2 small boys Seth (5) and Lil' Kevin (7) year olds.
Luke's New Mexico Mule Deer Hunt
Luke McKinney
We woke up the first day to rain. It rained for about 3 1/2 hours. So we ate breakfast in the tent. When it stopped raining. We got all our stuff on and walked down a river bed about a mile long. Then we started up a mountain. When a very thick fog set in, we were about half way up. When we got to the top, we sat on some rocks and waited for the fog to clear.
Oregon 5x5 Blacktail Deer
Todd O. Belmont
I had been waiting for this weather change since opening day. There are two holes that I can't effectively still hunt unless it's extremely windy or raining (hard). The morning started out nice; raining with a light wind coming in from the north. I had positioned myself deep in the bedding area about an hour before light in hopes of catching a buck slipping in after day break.
Montana Muley Hunt
Pete Muennich
As rifle season came to a close this November in Montana, I began to lose hope of filling my first ever muley tag. Being an Ohio native, this was my first season to ever have an option of shooting a whitetail or mule deer. There was no question; I was going to do everything in my power to add a big bad muley to my score board.
2 Great Oregon Blacktails
Nick Marlow
For five years, I have hunted a small nursery close to my house outside the Portland city limits. In those five years, I have harvested two nice bucks.
Oregon Four Point Blacktail
Wayland Sherman
It was getting close to the end of the hunting season. I had passed on several large forks during the season which is different for me. I have always been a meat hunter, not an antler hunter. With two days left to hunt, I decided that a a fork was better than nothing at all. I was hunting these benches when I saw a fork down below me.
Oregon Blacktail Buck Hunt
Victor Rodriguez
We were walking back to the vehicles after a rainy day of hunting on the Oregon coast. It was around noon and we were exausted. My cousin Freddy and I went to take one last look at a nice area. Suddenly I saw the big blacktail buck running fast about 250 feet in the distance. I shot him with my 30-30 rifle.
Hunting the Wyoming Big Horn Mountains
Curt Mayer
There is nothing like hunting in the Big Horns around Ten Sleep, Wyoming. My friends and I had a very good year hunting in Ten Sleep and Kaycee, Wyoming. It all started out on October 18th. My friends Parker and Josh Lyman of Ten Sleep started our year off with a bang on the first day.
The Curse of Poncho: Colorado Mule Deer Hunt
Pat Smith
The boys are back in town, the boys are back in town, you remember the lyrics to that old 80's song. Ok, maybe my age is starting to show. Just like every previous Fall, a bachelor group of bucks would show up in the hay fields around the first week of August. They would number anywhere from twelve to twenty-six bucks and range from dink spikers to mature 180+ class big daddy rabbits. We would start patterning them and setting our blinds and stands in anticipation of the archery opener in late August.
Wyoming Archery Mule Deer Hunt
Steve Schulz
My first morning out this year found myself on a vantage point I'd been to many times in the past, picking apart the sagebrush and rocks in an attempt to find the greatest western iconic trophy, the mule deer. It was not long before I started to find a few decent bucks that needed a closer evaluation.