Mule Deer Hunting Photos & Stories

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Saskatchewan Mule Deer

My brother and I skipped out on work early one Friday to head down south mule deer hunting before the muzzleloader season was over. We glassed a couple nice ones and a really big guy that was way out of range and we where running out of daylight, so decided to try one more spot with an hour left of light. Knowing the big boys would be on the move heading out to their feeding grounds.

My First Mule Deer

October 2007. muzzleloader season in southern Saskatchewan turned out to be a great weekend. I filled my tag  with this Mule deer taken at about 50 yards and only ½ hr of shooting time left before heading home, with a shot that left him dead in his tracks. We took a rough green score of around 165+. He is very clean with not a lot of deductions.

Moosehead the Kansas Mule Deer
Dexter Leach
Curtis and I had hunted a big mule deer buck we had named "Moosehead" the previous year and I was hoping for another chance at him. Last year the deer was on Curtis' family farm and the neighboring properties. I had stalked him several times but had never been able to get, what I thought, was an ethical shot at him, before one of the locals proceeded to chase him out of the county.
Alberta Mule Deer Bowhunt
Charles Schoening
On my very last day of hunting the archery only season on mule deer before having to head back to school/work I was lucky enough to spot this buck bedded on a coulee edge with a couple of does feeding nearby. I recognized the buck as one I had been hunting on and off all season, and one that I had missed earlier in the year. It only took a moment to realize that the wind and position were perfect for me to make a great sneak on this huge muley.
Successful Muley Archery Hunt
Heather Moore
My husband and I always take the first two weeks of archery season off work, so we can get the upper hand on the animals. This year however, Darren had to work out of state the first week, so he didn't even get to hunt, and I ventured out on my own. We had been getting a lot of promising pictures on the game camera, but none came in while I was there that I wanted.
Arizona Muley
Al Towers
It took me four days to get close to this Arizona muley buck. On the last day of the hunt, I shot him at about 400 yards, with my 270 that I have had since 1967.
Oregon Coast Blacktail Deer Hunt
Lance Gray
This is a picture of the blacktail buck I killed last year (2008) in the Alsea unit of West Oregon during the rifle season. I was hunting with my friends on a Sunday morning and this buck jumped up from some vine maple with 2 other large bucks and at least 3 does who were all bedded in an 8 year old clear cut. I managed to pick him out in the confusion of deer running every which way and got one shot into him.
First New Mexico Muley
Jimmy Putnam
Last year, my friend Scott and I planned up a hunting trip to New Mexico to hunt on his brother-in-law's ranch near Truth or Consequences. On the first afternoon of the season, he and I ventured into the mountains behind the ranch house. We split up, with Scott taking the first ridge and I headed further back to the second one. I was carrying my trusty 7600 Remington 270 pump.
Southern Utah Cheater Buck
Clark Peterson
This 30" cheater mule deer buck was taken in Southern Utah during the general archery hunt in 2008.
Alberta Mulie Hunt
Trent Ziegeman
Well it was the last day of the season, or so I thought. I pulled myself out of bed at around 4:30 am thinking to myself I have a mulie tag that's not filled, so I better give it one more try. Jumped in the truck and headed north to Drayton Valley Alberta, to an area that I saw while I was working in the area earlier in the year. One field that caught my eye, had some does in it.