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2010 Colorado Muzzleloader Success

When you work in wildlife management, your personal hunting takes quite the hit. That is what I've found after I took my current job in August. When hunting season rolls around, and hunters from around the country are stalking bucks, climbing into tree stands and bugling for big bulls, workers in wildlife management are busier than ever. I ended up having to turn in my archery elk tag because I just wasn't going to be able to get time off to hunt.

The One That Got Away

After a difficult and humbling year in 2006, I was looking forward to a fun and successful year in 2007. My brother and I would try archery once again but in a different unit. Archery season was going to be a fun one this year. It was close to home and in a familiar area. Also we would get to archery hunt with one of our brother-in-laws for the first time. My sister and bro-in-law had started building a cabin in the area and whenever there wasn’t a chore for me to do around the property I would head out to scout for mule deer.

Hunting Lessons and Women

The year prior had been a great year for our group. My brother got his first deer, 2 bulls were taken (one 6X6 and one non-typical) and our camp found a new unit to hunt that was going to stay productive for both deer and elk. My brother and I felt so confident in the unit that we decided we were going to try our hands at bowhunting. This is the year that the CDOW allowed banking of preference points so we thought it was perfect timing to give the stick and string a try. I would hunt deer and my brother would hunt elk. He was in for a much bleaker hunt than he expected.

2005 Colorado Deer/Elk Hunt

I had been big game hunting for a couple years and had gotten myself a mule deer buck, but up to that point, the wapiti had evaded me. So when 2005 rolled around I knew it was time to try a new unit. We decided on a unit that none of the guys in our group had hunted before. Two of my teachers had hunted the unit before which is where our decision to make the switch came from. Many hours in front of the computer screen, many emails, and a couple of summer scouting trips had our camp feeling semi prepared and excited for our third season rifle hunt.

A Boy's 1st Hunt

It was my first ever morning of hunting. My dad and I were sitting on a point overlooking some pinyon juniper country, we had set up there just before civil twilight and I was really excited. I understood that I was in primarily deer country and stood little chance of seeing the elk that I had a tag for but through my 14 year old eyes everything turned into an elk. I tried to turn every stump, rock, and bare patch of ground into the cream colored rump of a wapiti.

My First Buck
numbnutz ( Josh )

The first Buck I harvested was a little 3x3 blacktail with a broken tine. There wasn't any dramatics to the story. I was 13 and hunting with my dad. We got out of his truck to stretch our legs.

Colorado Hunting Rookie

I had just moved to Colorado in the summer of 1999. I had never even dreamed of hunting the Colorado mountains as a Utah resident but it made the move easier to handle. I didn't get to hunt that first year in Colorado but I did get to hunt with my Utah resident tag. What made this hunt special to me was it would be the last time for quite a while that my entire family would hunt together in Utah. Mom and Dad had moved to Idaho so only my brother could get a resident (cheap) tag. We were pretty excited about making the most of the trip.

Surprise Buck

This is a very short story from 2005 that I will call the surprise buck. We like to hunt high desert areas for mule deer. Lots of sagebrush and Aspens and scattered with Cedar trees. The particular area we were hunting in 2005 was public land that surrounded a small ranch. We had just completed a small drive through a large stand of Aspens with no luck other than a few does.

My Daughter's Opening Day Deer

As I am getting ready for this years archery season, I found this story I posted on another site in October 2008. It was my oldest daughters first deer hunt. I had an elk tag and she had a buck tag. I had been in the area she drew her tag for archery season, but I was unable to harvest a deer, but I knew good places to take her for rifle season. Now she's 17, starting college (she graduated high school at 16) and doesn't want to hang out with dear ol' dad as much. She said depending on her class schedule, she may go again this year, but who knows for sure.

1st Mule Deer Buck!
Marty Sup

In 2008 I planned on a 12 day hunting trip for elk and deer.  First would be the elk in first season and then followed by mule deer in second season, without a trip home in between.  Opening day of 1st the 1st season which is elk only here in Colorado.  It was 8am and I had just cleanly missed a cow at 165 yards.  The tree behind her was hurting though.  Needless to say I was deeply discouraged at myself.  I had gotten in a hurry and rushed myself and made a bad shot.