Mule Deer Hunting Photos & Stories

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Colorado Mule Deer Muzzleloader Hunt
William Hays

It took three years, but at last, it was time to pack my bags.  It all started three years ago, when my hunting partner, Chris, ask me if I wanted to go to Colorado for a bow hunting trip for elk and mule deer.  I said, if I was going to pay money to hunt, I wanted more than a stick.  He called the Outfitted and ask about a muzzle loader hunt and how many preference points it would take. The answer was 3 and that is why it took 3 years to plan our hunt.

Deer Hunting Story: California Junior Hunt Success
William Hays

It all started on a hot summer day in 2002, both of my daughters were drawn for a Northern California Junior Hunt.  Kristen, my oldest daughter was selected last year for a junior hunt on Fort Hunter Liggett, but, due to the September 11 attack, the hunt was canceled.  This year Heather, who just turned twelve, applied with her for the 7Xa area and they were drawn.

Great Blacktail Bowhunt
William Hays

It was supposed to be a scouting trip and turned out to be my best Northern California bow opener ever!  I was attending a training class all week in Sacramento and then heading up to Northern California for a solo deer hunt to see what it looked like for the rifle opener.   I finished up my training Thursday afternoon and headed up to the Trinity National Forest.

Basket Buck Down

The area that I hunt mule deer during muzzleloader season has a unique strain of antler genetics. Bucks with these genes tend to have VERY narrow antlers, with crabs claw front forks and tuning back forks. They normally have a distinctive curve to the main beam as well. The younger deer with these genetics are not exactly what I would call "highly sought after". But the mature bucks that I have seen with these genetics are pretty darn impressive. They are the tallest bucks I have ever witnessed in person. We call deer with these genetics "basket bucks."

National Lampoon's Goes Hunting: My Buddy's First Deer

My best friend grew up in a family that does not hunt. They haven't really spent much time outdoors for that matter. Growing up, we would take Justin out on our family camping, fishing and backpacking trips and he fell in love with nature and the outdoors. His mom, although a good cook, doesn't eat red meat and therefore he never really had a chance to give wild game a try. Except for when he'd come over to our house to enjoy the wild delicacies that always graced our table. Plain and simple, Justin is a carnivore.

The "Four Finger" Buck

This is not the story of a trophy buck taken on a quick and easy hunt. This is not the story of a one-time, chance encounter with a mulie buck. This is the story of a drawn out saga about a group of hunters going after the same unique mule deer... the "Four-Finger" buck.

To Miss a Monster... And Find a Redeemer

One of my brother-in-laws teaches English at a local high school. One of the advantages to teaching where he does, are the ranch families he comes in contact with. One of these families has graciously invited him to harvest a deer on their ranch the last few years. The first year he took a nice fat doe, he got shut out the second time but two years ago he got the green light to chase one of their abundant large bucks.

Rookie Mistake Results With Success

Although I primarily hunt with a bow, I’m not as hard-core as some guys I know.  I still like to take the old Remington 700 in .270 out every once in a while.  As a matter of fact, I have sort of made it my own tradition to take the old rifle out, at a minimum, on my first day of hunting during the general (rifle) season. In California, you can hunt with rifle or bow during the general season.

Side-by-Side Success

As mentioned in previous posts and stories, I started hunting at a fairly young age, probably around 7-8 years old, with my Grandfather.  At that age, I was more of his rabbit dog than anything else, but none-the-less I was still “hunting” and learning with “Grandpa”.  I didn’t get to start shooting until I was 10 and eventually Grandpa bought me my first shotgun for my 13th birthday.  After moving back to Florida and away from my only hunting partner, I switched my primary focus from hunting to bass fishing basically due to the lack of available hunting opportunities. 

No More Dragging!

I wouldn't exactly consider myself an accomplished hunter but, I would say that I have had my share of success (and luck)! I started hunting rabbits and squirrels with my Grandfather at the age of 7 or 8 and did so until my family uprooted and moved back to Florida during my sophomore year of high school. My Grandfather never was really into deer hunting so he and I only got tags one season and only headed out after them twice (unsuccessfully). It wasn’t even my first deer hunt that got me hooked on chasing the elusive creature.