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Ultimate Sportsmen Muley
Mike Skelly

Among my earliest memories are a longing to see far away places and to write about them.  God has blessed me by allowing me to travel from my childhood home in the northeastern United States to hunt places as far apart as interior Alaska and southern Africa. And to return safely home again from each.  The second part of the dream was helped to fruition by Jon Hedin of when he selected a couple of my adventures for inclusion in his second anthology of hunting and fishing stories ‘More Tales of the Ultimate Sportsmen’.

It's Him... Maybe Not

My brother in law (BIL) works for a construction company here in Colorado and my brother is a construction management major here at Colorado State University. The first advice that my BIL gave to my little brother was that to make it in a construction firm, you either have to be a good golfer, or be a good hunter. Well, my brother was already a good hunter but his golf game definitely needs some work. So as you can imagine, my BIL comes into contact with a lot of guys that love to hunt.

A Little Help From Above
Courtney Scott

I had a little help from above out in Wyoming this year. My dad, my best hunting partner and best friend, died out of the blue on June 4th this past summer.  It really knocked me on my knees for awhile.  We'd been going out to Wyoming the last four years chasing deer and antelope and this fall was to be our fifth year in a row.  In fact, the last time I saw him we were talking about this year’s trip and when we’d be getting our tags in the mail.

My First Colorado Muley Buck

Every year since 1999 I have been hunting with my buddies, Larry Ray, Rick King, Paul Cackowski and Bruce Kirk.  We had been hunting the same area, usually during Colorado's third rifle season, but this year, 2003, we decided to try second season.  Especially, since Colorado's Division of Wildlife decided to add a couple of days and lengthen it to a nine day season.

Our camp was situated approximately four miles up from the trailhead and on the edge a beautiful meadow at 9,500 feet.  Just the perfect setting to get away from it all!

The Barbed Wire Buck
craig lafleur

After waking up an hour late, I was already off to a bad start. I quickly called my hunting partner Tim Shumaker, whom I was supposed to have picked up at 430, and found out that he too was still sleeping. I had wanted to be in the bush by about 530 for sun-up, but that wasn’t about to happen. Quickly throwing my gear in my truck, I tore downtown to pick him up.

“Slept in huh?” he asked with a smile as he tossed his gear beside me.

“Uh huh,” I tossed back with a half asleep smirk.

Indoctrinated Into the World of Hunting

After two years of unsuccessful hunts, I finally became a tried and true big game hunter. It was my third year of hunting big game and I wasn’t ready for the flood of emotion that would flow over me after I took my first animal. We had decided to try a new area that I had never been to. It was an area that a couple guys in our group had hunted when they were greenhorns; about 30 years ago! The area is normally considered good mule deer habitat however and I was not worried about spending a couple preference points to get a shot at my first animal.

A Timberline Adventure

When the topic of mule deer hunting comes up, different images flood different hunter’s minds due to the varied experiences that they may have had. When thinking about chasing these deer with the peculiar gate and larger than life ears, some hunters think of sneaking within 40 yards of a bedded buck in an attempt to slip an arrow into its vitals. Some hunters reminisce about slowly stalking through the aspens in mid September with a black powder rifle in their hands. The majority of hunters are more familiar with using a rifle to try and bag a mule deer buck.

Blackpowder Rifles and 3X3s

I had rifle hunted. I had bowhunted. But it wasn't until last year that I walked through the woods with a muzzleloader in my hands. I knew I liked shooting blackpowder rifles but I had no idea that I was going to get sucked into hunting with a muzzleloader like I did. It is a very neat type of hunt. You have to mix your techniques. It is like 50/50 split between bow and rifle hunting. You can still take moving shots and your range is doubled over that of archery equipment but you are using an unscoped rifle with only one shot.

My First Mule Deer

A little background information about me for effect.

After several years in the Navy, drinking and partying seemed to be the only way I had found to occupy my spare time. My buddies and I would get off work, shower and eat dinner and then head straight to the nearest watering hole until closing time.

The Monster and the Ten Minute Buck

Every big game hunter I have ever interacted with has a sense of excitement and anticipation of what they will see and harvest on their next hunt.  For most of us, I believe these thoughts start at about the end of legal hunting time on the last day of your present season and only get more and more intense as the days, weeks, and months slowly creep by. 1995 was no different for me! I had hunted mule deer in Southern Colorado the year before on a friend’s (Jim) land and was lucky enough to harvest my first big game animal. I ended up getting a nice 3X3 and was on cloud 9.