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Barry's Lucky Day
Jerry Beach

All hunters know that no matter how much they know about the game they are pursuing, how well they know their rifle or bow and how it shoots, how long they practice or how prepared they are for the hunt – there is always one factor that they cannot control – that is the mysterious element called luck. This story is one in which luck played a big part – more than once.

Washington Mule Deer Hunt
Jason V.

Slowly lowering myself out of sight behind the large snow covered boulder we’d been using as cover for the previous four hours since sneaking our way into position well before daylight. Poking my head around the corner just enough to come into view of my hunting partner and best friend Eric Foyle. He was using the north facing side of the rock to conceal him as he looked over a group of seven deer moving southwest of us into a location a lot of deer in the area used for bedding during daytime.

You Saw Them First - You Shoot!
Jerry Beach

It was the fall of 2008. Steve and his wife, Donna, along with some other good friends had once again drawn mule deer tags for an area in north central Wyoming. This was the fourteenth year that he had been out there, and he and his hunting partners knew the area quite well – at least the part of it that they normally hunted. The terrain varied from flat to rolling with lots of stones on the ground weathered by years of being exposed to the elements. From rolling, it transitioned to steeper draws and small canyons.

Thanks to a True Sportsman from Missouri
Jerry Beach

This story is about a guy named Ken who went on a mule deer hunt to Wyoming with his dad Steve, and several other good friends. Ken is really an archery guy. He is one of those who think that shooting deer with a rifle is just a little too easy. But his dad and some of his friends had been going from Michigan to Wyoming for a few years, and he was talked into going along this time, partly because he had never been out there before, and partly just because he ought to try it once.

Colorado 2010 Late Plains Rifle Buck Hunt

After two years sitting on the sidelines waiting to accumulate the points necessary to draw the buck tag that I wanted, I drew a Colorado Late Plains Rifle Antlered Deer for the 2010 season.  This license would allow me to hunt in the area in which I grew up.  It also allowed me to take advantage of my dad’s lifetime of knowledge of the wildlife in the area and his current scouting.  As a final plus, my parent’s house is a little over an hour’s drive from my house making for an accessible and inexpensive hunt. 

A Stalking Nightmare
Quinton Hill

This hunt was one of the coolest hunts I personally have ever had. I was archery hunting and I was 18 (1988). Opening day I woke up nice and early and headed out still hunting as we always did back in the day. Our morning hunt would take us until around 10:30 or 11:00 a.m. and depending on how things went sometimes later.

First Archery Buck

I got my first archery buck this year, on my birthday!  It started with a boring conference, being a school principal I routinely have to attend meetings, conferences, seminars etc....I was able to get out after the morning session and headed straight up the mountain.  I am lucky enough to have a few private land permissions and was able to get out on one small parcel.  I parked my car and headed up to my spot.

You Gotta Love Wyoming!
Jerry Beach

  My buddy Steve’s 2004 Wyoming trip for the Mule Deer season started much like many of the previous years.

  After two and a half days of travel they reached Casper where he and the others in his party gathered at Walmart to make sure they had all their supplies.

  They filled the propane tanks in their rigs – 5th wheels and trailers - got extra water and topped off their fuel tanks.

One Way or Another

I recently shared a story about my brother in law’s many hunting contacts that he has made by working in the construction industry. He has one buddy that is by and far the most prolific public land hunter I have ever met in person. He is a bowhunter and has taken everything from bighorn sheep to Sitka blacktailed deer with his bow. But first and foremost, he is a mule deer hunter.

It Was a Long Shot, But . . .
Jerry Beach

  The year was 1999.

  With his wife, Donna, my buddy Steve headed out to Wyoming for their second year of Mule Deer hunting.

  Traveling in a caravan with four other rigs, they would be living in their 5th wheel camper – not exactly “roughing it”, but still a far cry from the comforts of home, or even their cabin in northern Michigan.