Mountain Lion Hunting Photos & Stories

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Fulfilling One Dream and Chasing Another

As hunters, we all have our own ideas of what a trophy is and we each have our personal dream hunts that drive us. Some dream of taking a full curl big horn ram or that 6x6 bull elk during  the rut but for me, it was chasing and harvesting a mountain lion. As with most dreams it was one I’ve had since I was young, about 14 and just starting my hunting adventure. Not sure why the big cats caught my attention so much in fact I had not seen one in the wild until I was 39. I think the allure of chasing after an animal that is so secretive, quiet and ellusive made them more mystical than other critters.

Arizona "Dry Ground" Mountain Lion Hunt

If you enjoy doing things the hard way, there is no Lion hunt like a Dry Ground Mountain Lion Hunt in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico or Utah's High Deserts.  Your appreciation for what dry ground hounds can do is amazing.  You may not even see Lion Scat or Track.  Scent may seem undetectable without humidty, moisture or frost. The most impressive part for me is seeing the dogs change direction with no bearing of direction like you could get from a full or partial claw mark in the mud, sand or snow.

Mountain Lion on Fire
Duke Doering
No Black Hills mountain lion hunt was more bizarre than the mountain lion that caught fire. David Gray's first lion hunt ended not only with a lion, but also with an unusual story. Gray, a retired South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Conservation Office is an avid hunter and has hunted most areas of the Black Hills. He is probably one of the most knowledgeable persons of game animals in the Black Hills. In preparing for his mountain lion hunt, Gray set up a blind in a brushy thicket a few miles north of Custer State Park.
Mountain Lion Brian
Brian Williams
My mountain lion story began a long time ago when I was just a boy. I grew up in southern Oklahoma where I hunted coon, bobcats, squirrel, and rabbits with my dad, David K. Williams, our close friend "Cotton" Russell, and my uncle Mark Gillham, who were all hound men. I was fascinated with hounds.