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Mom Bags a Moose
Amanda Ellis

Like most hunters, autumn lures me into the mountains, away from my everyday life as stay-at-home mom. In the past ten years, my efforts have helped fill our family’s freezer with venison and the tasty lean meat from several elk. 

My First Moose Hunt (Shiras Moose)
Bob Solimena

The camp was really nice, nestled on a Lake full of trout……Way up north in British Columbia, Canada….Carp Lake to be exact…

Terrain was heavily wooded with thick blow downs from the beetle infestation from years before….Travel was mostly by boat to different parts of the lake and then to treestands….

I was with two friends of mine……We shared two guides the first night hunt… Jerry was with one guide and Ramon and Me were with the other guide..Mike……

2011 New Hampshire Moose Hunt - A Success!
Swamp Donkey

After several months of scouting in WMU I1, the hunt was finally here! Warm temperatures and windy conditions and an abundance of food sources made this year's hunt a hard one, at least in this unit. The moose seemed to be away from the cuts, at least the cuts we were hunting, there were a few taken in cuts but for the most part the moose had other ideas on where to get their fill. The rut was long past due by at least a week or 2 which made calling seem useless. It was a matter of finding moose outside their typical feeding areas.

Alaska-Yukon Moose Hunt in the Northwest Territories

What you are about to read is 100% true!!!  Sit back, open a can of soda or pour some coffee because this was truly the hunt of a lifetime.

At the conclusion of a week long Kodiak Island Fishing and Sitka Blacktail Hunt in September, my plans were to head to the Northwest Territories to Hunt with David and Dallas Dutchik of Redstone Trophy Hunts for Alaska-Yukon Moose, possibly a book Mountain Caribou and a nice Dall Sheep if the opportunity presented itself.

My Vermont Moose Hunt
Mike Skelly

Moose 2009

Prelude and planning:

Ten years ago I went to Alaska to hunt moose.  I saw cows and young moose every day, but my tag only allowed me to take a mature bull.  I came home grateful for the chance to have seen the magnificent wilderness of interior Alaska, but I came home without a moose. 

Learning Patience
Mike Skelly

This story is for anyone who closed the season empty handed. You are not alone, but it is said that good things come to those who wait.

2010 Northern Ontario Archery Cow Moose Hunt
Jerry Smith

I have been hunting Moose since 1994 and moose hunting has truly become a lifetime obsession with me, and I have been fortunate to harvest well over 20 moose since I started.

New Brunswick Moose Hunt
Ken Nelson Jr.
It was a cold brisk morning late in September, unusually cool for this time of year but, we awoke early and shook the frost off anyway. It was the second day of Moose season in Central New Brunswick and after a day of too much heat and not enough animals, morale was down a bit.
Northern Ontario Moose Hunt
Jerry Smith
This is a pic of my 2009 archery moose hunt up in Northern Ontario Canada, this is my third year archery hunting and I am 3 for 3 - 2007 cow moose, 2008 cow moose and I had another cow tag this year but took a nice chunky bull calf in 2009.
Ontario Archery Cow Moose Hunt
Jerry Smith
This moose was taken in Northern Ontario at 60 yards with a 2006 Martin Sabre set at 68 lbs, Beeman carbon arrows with 2 inch rage mechanical broadhead.