Minnesota Twin Albino Deer

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These twin albino deer have been coming to my backyard feeder since they were fawns in 2006. They turned 2 years old this spring and still come to my feeder every day! I'm an avid deer hunter and harvesting albino deer in Minnesota is legal.

The twins were standing outside my door opening morning of the 2007 deer season but I decided to pass on them. I know I could have possibly been the only hunter to ever harvest twin albinos at the same time.

They come to my backyard so often that when I go outside, they run about 10 yards and just stand there. Not much of a challenge for me. Kind of like shooting a cow in the pasture.

I don't think they should be protected. I just think everyone that comes to visit finds them so interesting to watch and why put an end to something that puts a smile on even the grumpiest face?

I've gotten my five minutes of fame by being on TV and it looks like another outdoor TV producer wants to do a segment this fall. Also look for the twins on North American Whitetail TV. They are going to be featured on the "Muzzy Moment" part of the show. I think they're televised on the Outdoor Channel. You see! Probably more recognition than if I would have harvested them.

Besides, albino deer are lucky! By passing on the twins this past year, the "Deer Gods" rewarded me with a 10 point 210# buck. He's on the right.

The buck on the left I harvested in 1991. He was charging me before I shot! I was dragging the tarsal glands from a buck my buddy shot the day before. It was coming to kick my butt! Very exciting to say the least! My advice? Don't do that.

I shoot a Remington 7600 in .35 Whelen. A bit of overkill for whitetails but I hunt the heavy brush here in Minnesota and sometimes you need the extra power to reach your target.


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those are absolutly beautiful

those are absolutly beautiful albino deer. good job on getting pics

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Love the albino doe's. Very

Love the albino doe's. Very nice bucks!!!!! I would have taken out at least one of the albino's and let the other one spread her genes around.