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Cynthia's First Mesick Doe
Jerry Beach

  It was the fall of 1979 that we moved to Mesick, Michigan. Most people who live in Michigan know where Mesick is – it’s on the way to somewhere else.

  A little town in the northern half of Michigan’s lower peninsula, Mesick is known for two things: morel mushrooms and deer hunting. Make that three things – it’s also on the way to somewhere else!

Frisky Fawns, Mega Monster and a 5 Pointer
Jerry Beach

What an evening!

I was reminded of the sports adage, “The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat”.

I experienced them both - more than once - during that evening at the farm where I was hunting.

The Trade: An Elk for a White-Tail

The White-tailed deer is king in this country. More hunters take to the fall every year in search of the deer with the distinctive white flag for a tail than any other big game animal. More White-tails are harvested each year than any other hunted big game animal. But it seems that the western species such as mule deer and elk are romanticized above all others. Some may call me and my family lucky because we get the opportunity to hunt our state for elk every year. And I will not deny that this opportunity is a gift.

Foggy Morning Buck Down
Jerry Beach

  I couldn’t believe it; I was lost.

  Well, not really lost – as in not knowing where I was or how to get home – but I couldn’t find my stand – and I knew I had to be very close to it.

  It was a large, wooden platform about 18 feet up in a big White Pine.

First Michigan Buck of 2010
TJ Brubaker

The start of 2010 deer season was upon me. I usually just hunt my home state of Indiana, but this year I moved to MI about 30 minutes from the Michigan/Indiana line.   I just acquired permission to hunt a farm in southwest Michigan.  October 1st was season opener, it was on a Friday this year.  I usually hop over to some public land and smack a doe the first day. But this year my work schedule has changed. I wouldn't get off work till 4:00 PM and would have an hour to drive there.

Uncle Larry and the Harvey Wallbanger Buck

Those crazy family friends... everyone's got one or two of them. They are usually the last to put down the beer at a backyard barbeque and the first to bring up embarrassing stories from your past. My Uncle Larry is that guy. He is not my blood uncle and is not in my family but he's an uncle just the same. He is crazy... just plain nuts! Think Cousin Eddy from the National Lampoon's movies. It's sad but that is the best description I can think of. Uncle Larry lives out in Michigan and we usually get to see him once or twice throughout the holidays.

Three-Legged Bruiser in Harry's Pines
Jerry Beach

When I heard R.C.’s voice on the phone, I sort of had an idea what he was going to say, but I had no idea it would turn out the way it did. “Hey, the wind is right for a small drive through Harry’s pines. Why don’t you and Cynthia meet me there, and I’ll be the dog”, he said. Thirty minutes later we were standing by the van in Harry’s back yard, loading our rifles.

My First Whitetail - Surprise!
Jerry Beach

I can still remember as a kid watching my dad get ready for his annual deer hunting trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with his buddy. I’d smell the fragrance of Hoppe’s #9 solvent drifting through the house – a sure sign that he was giving his old Model 94 Winchester chambered in .32 Special a good pre-hunt cleaning. I would help him lay out his gear and wish for the day when I was old enough to accompany him. When I finally reached the required age (17 in Michigan then), I was unable to get enough time off school to go.

Lessons From the Ol' Man Pay Off
Ken Nelson Jr.
My Ol' Man bar none is the best hunter I know, have met, or in my mind will ever meet. The man hunts on Michigan public land, does not bait and kills a deer every year, a feat not matched by anyone I know. When I was growing up he would take me with him on every occasion that didn't require me to miss school or an athletic practice.
Lower Michigan Wild Boar Hunt
Al Schultz
On October 12th, 2008 I had the pleasure of going on a Russian Wild Boar hunt for disabled hunters in lower Michigan. I used a 50 cal. blackpowder rifle. It was a once in a lifetime hunt for me, it was wonderful. I had a great time with the whole hunt.