Michigan Father and Son Hunt

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These are a few of the pictures of the best hunt of my life. My son, Shelby, got his first deer although not the buck he was hoping for I thought it was the prettiest deer I've ever seen. He pulled a nice 97 yrd shot with open sights that would make any father proud.

The next picture is of my nice 8 point that was taken about 200 yds from where my boy took his, although I was really proud of this buck, I just don't think it would have been the same without a group effort of my dad and my son. The deer where taken in Gregory, Michigan on my father's farm and would love to thank him and his wife for the best hunt of my and I'm sure my son's life. Love Ya Pops.


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Nice deer, good job.

Nice deer, good job.

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Good to see the kids out!