Massachusetts Deer Hunt

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On the beautiful afternoon of Nov. 7th, 2008, as I was preparing to get ready for the afternoon’s hunt, something had clicked in my head that for some reason I had a feeling, that I should move hunting locations and hunt a small wood lot in Sterling Massachusetts, that I haven’t hunted all year.

I had been seeing a lot of deer from my primary spot, but just had a feeling that I should hunt this lot. Rut activity had picked up in the last couple of days or so and despite the warm weather, I knew if I slipped in there with all the does that live in that small wood lot that something could happen. I had an east wind which was perfect for my location.

It didn’t take long before I had some action. I gave a few calls with my buck caller. I began to hear something running in the timber down the hill from where I was located. I could hear the sound of a buck's rack moving though the bushes. It was not too long as I sat still and listened, I could hear something making its way up the hill towards me. I slowly stood up and got ready to see what was coming. To my surprise next thing you know here comes Mr. Buck!

Making his way up over the hill. I saw that buck was a shooter with a great big 8 point rack on him. I drew back my bow and put my 30 yard site pin on the back side of his shoulder and took the shot. As he ran I did see that my arrow had found its mark. That's when the nerves came into play. But after the deer ran away I could hear him go down the hill and crash in all the dry leaves. As I could not sit and wait with all the excitement I had to look over the hill. There he lay at the bottom of the hill. It was one of the greatest feelings in the world! First thing I had to do was call my brother that was not able to go with me on this day due to being sick. I had time to go get my buddy Dave that I was hunting with. Knowing that it was going to get dark out quick and we had a long drag out of the woods.

As we approached the big buck I was amazed of the size of him. And also the size of the hill we had to get him up! I had called my nephew and his friend to get some help getting this big buck out of the woods. One thing for sure it was a drag out of the woods like every hunter dreams of. The next morning I had taken it to tag and weighing it in at a local D&G bait shop where I was in a pool for the biggest deer for the archery season. With a pool prize of $275.00. Amazing 8 point buck weighed in at 197 pounds field dressed and up to now is the biggest one taken in the pool so far. Little more to add to my story. The deer had some thing wrong with his eye that looked like there was a stick lodged in it. But it happen to be part of another deer antler that he must have been fighting. So needless to say I'm out in this wooded area looking for the owner that lost one of his points to make a second part of my story.


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congrats, great story

congrats, great story

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Very nice buck!!!!! Good

Very nice buck!!!!! Good story.