Massachusetts Hunting Photos & Stories

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Massachusetts 8 Point Deer
Dan Hayward
This is one of two deer that I harvested this past 2008 season in eastern Massachusetts zone 11. The first one was a 7 point, one hundred eighty pound buck. This one is my biggest to date, was an 8 point two hundred two pounds that I shot at forty yards. All deer that I have taken have been by bow only. I'm looking very much towards the 2009 season!
First Deer on Massachusetts Hunt
Mike Lafond
This is my first deer and I got him on December 9, 2008 as I was driving home from work in Gramby Massachusetts. I had seen him in the field I have been scouting. So I went home, got my gear and got into the woods. I had him at 75 yards with my shotgun but didn't take the shot so I waited.
Massachusetts Deer Hunt
Bruce Holbrook
On the beautiful afternoon of Nov. 7th, 2008, as I was preparing to get ready for the afternoon’s hunt, something had clicked in my head that for some reason I had a feeling, that I should move hunting locations and hunt a small wood lot in Sterling Massachusetts, that I haven’t hunted all year.
11 Point Massachusetts Buck
Todd Creel
This is my first buck ever. I got into the sport of deer hunting last year at the age of 37. I have had some opportunities over the season, but inexperience cost me. Finally on December 26, 2007, this 11 point buck gave me the thrill of a lifetime. I hit him around 40 yards with a .50 cal. muzzleloader. He dressed out at 150 lbs.
Massachusetts Eight Point Buck
Erik Ungewitter
I shot this buck on a drive December 20, 2003 in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. He ran right out of a thicket right at me and finally turned broadside at about 10 yards.