Maryland Trophy Archery Deer

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I was in a 20 ft ladder stand at 8 am on November 12, 2005. It was my first time with a compound bow and a tree stand. I heard a crack and looked and there stood a buck about 20 yards in front of me. I stood slowly and went to draw when my arrow slipped off the rest. The buck looked right at me and I froze. When he started to feed again I put the arrow back on the string and came to full draw. He walked about 3 ft and I had a clear shot. I was lucky enough to make a double lung shot. He dropped about a 100 ft down the hill. He weighed almost 200 lbs. A 10 pointer taken at Rosebud Farm in Harwood Maryland. A true trophy for a first deer!

Johnny Gerard Jr.


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Definitely a very nice first

Definitely a very nice first buck.

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great looking deer, congrats

great looking deer, congrats

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Thats one

thats one nice looking mount!

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That's a nice looking deer

That's a nice looking deer

Great trophy thanks for

Great trophy thanks for sharing