Maryland Junior Deer Hunt

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This is my son Andrew. He harvested his first deer on junior hunt day Nov.15 2008 in Williamsport Maryland. We started out that day hunting with a friend and his son on Green Ridge mountain in Allegheny County Maryland, but we weren't having any luck. Didn't see a thing and it started to rain, so we left at 12:00 noon. I called my sister and asked if we could stop by and use their spot to hunt because her granddaughter had already got an 8 pointer by 8 AM. So we stopped and Andrew had fallen asleep in the truck because it was about an hour ride. We went out at around 3 PM and set in the ground blind and waited. Just before dark I saw the first deer walk out of the woods. It was about 250 - 300 yds. away and Andrew was on it. He was just about to pull the trigger when I saw another deer that was closer than another that was coming even closer. He waited until it was about 125 yds. away and broadside and asked me if he could take the shot. I said take it. He did and I thought he missed because she ran. We walked to the spot were she was when he shot and found blood. She ran about 75 yds. and dropped. That's when we saw that it was a spike. I was so proud.


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Way to get the youth involved

Way to get the youth involved and good job on the spike!!!!!