Marlin Memories

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Beginning of November 2010 had some surprisingly cold weather move into middle Georgia.  Now me being a Damn Yankee I should be accustomed to cold weather hunting and consider it more of a blessing.  I used to relish those days in minus 15 degree Fahrenheit or worse and set off on a fresh track in the snow.  Certainly, wouldn’t sit in a tree stand in those cold temperatures. 

Well after living in Georgia for 2 years I have acclimated to the warmer conditions.  I even put on more weight which you would think I would be less since I don’t need the extra for hibernation in Northern Maine.  Hahaha.  I will say I’m glad I kept the hunting gear of Maine because that early November of last year had me freezing when I walked outside to check the weather.  I started the truck and it said 15 degrees.  Now 15 degrees in Maine is perfect and practically tee shirt weather.  I can recall a Maine January day I went outside to start truck and thought, “oh its kind a nice out, crisp but nice and sunny.”  That’s when the truck temperature gauge read an even 0 degrees.  ZERO and I thought it was kind of nice, that’s insane.  Now 15 degrees in Georgia is way colder.  It must be something to do with dry and wet conditions I guess.  I read that temperature gauge threw on the window defrost and ran back into the house looking for my loden green wool jacket and bibs.  It’s definitely the Elmer Fudd looking for wabbits kind of outfit but I tell you they are warm.  Feel free to poke fun at the picture I really don’t mind. 

I got to the property before sunrise and walked into my stand.  Which really was silly because I had noticed the deer just didn’t seem to be moving until the sun raised high enough to start melting the frost which was around 9ish.  So there I sat in the stand warm in my wools waiting for that sound of an approaching deer.  Waiting and waiting, when finally I hear something walking up the road from behind me.  Steam was blowing from my nose as my heart rate increase like a train steam engine.  That has got to be biggest drawback to hunting in cold weather.  Not natural for a tree to be blowing hot air around 15ft off the ground.  I might as well put a sign out in the road that says, “Deer Look up.”  This doe walked right up to the stand and bit off some green briar to my astonishment.  Then she proceeded out and quartering away.  Finally, after all bow season and two weeks into rifle season I get to hear my own gun going off in the cool morning sun.  A 15 yard quartering away shot the old 30/30 Marlin gets to unload after two years of hibernation.  It’s the 2011 Deer Season I find myself thinking about previous years for lack of success this year so far that is.  Something good has got to pay off from determination no matter the weather conditions.  When you view the picture, don’t ask me why I have a base ball cap on top of my hunter orange hat.  I have no idea.  Stupid things happen when you’re taking pictures on your own with the camera balanced on a log.


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Great Georgia Doe!


Jeremy - great looking Georgia doe you harvested there!  Don't mind the pictures as you should see some of the ones I have taken!

My Dad has a Marlin 30-30 that he used to use for PA deer hunting many decades ago (he can't use a rifle for Ohio deer hunting where he lives now).  Dad still has that Marlin and has not shot it in the same amount of time.  I love that rifle as that is the only thing I saw him with as a kid and growing up with him during the hunting seasons.  Dad still keeps it in excellent clean condition but locked away.  I have invited him on a 2012 Elk hunt and asked him to seriously consider using his Marlin versus his 30-06.  Dad is a very accurate shot and I know he can succeed using it.

Also - I know exactly about the Elmer Fudd outfit as I really still use it for Eastern Colorado wabbit hunting!  

Great story and great pictures - thanks for sharing them!


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It's funny Jeremy, but the

It's funny Jeremy, but the Marlin 30-30 was my first rifle I ever owned, and it's still the rifle I use to this day whenever I go back to Vermont for the season.  I will be shooting it in 3 1/2 weeks.  Love that gun, can't imagine using anything else up there.  Nothing more is needed.

Good story.  Very nice doe!

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Great story Swisher! She

Great story Swisher! She looks like a great doe. She should taste just fine. I lived in Minnesota for a time and prefer the cold weather. My wife says that I'm Mr. Freeze cause I don't ever get cold. When i switched from late cold rifle seasons to archery I was kind of happy for the change in weather. I went from hunting cool and rainy/snowy fall days to hunting warm late summer days. I really like the 30/30 it brings back some great memorize. My first deer and elk were taken with a 30/30. I wish I still had one to use. Again congrats on the fine doe and thanks for sharing your story and sharing your pictures with us. I don't see anything wrong with the ball cap over the beanie. I have done that a few times myself.

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Great story and I know

Great story and I know exactley what you mean. I grew up in Upper Michigan and northern Wisconsin in some extremely cold winters. After I moved to Colorado I couldn't believe how warm it was for the first couple of years. But like you I grew used to it and now freeze at about 10 degrees.  I went back to Michigan after a few years in January and didn't think I would even survive. Good looking deer and a great rifle that you used. Congratulations on your frozen success even though it doesn't look very cold with no snow on the

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I had to laugh.  "No snow on

I had to laugh.  "No snow on the ground."  That picture does look deceiving.  We did get snow one day last year.  Then it melted.  I miss the cooler days for hunting.  This weekend is opening day for rifle season.  It’s supposed to get down to 34 degrees.  I just purchased $150 in camo for my daughter.  She hates to be cold.  So I'm trying to make this as positive as it can be.  Shopping for clothes was the perfect start.  Her words, "Check me out I make these look good."  Then the camera went off and Facebook profile picture was updated. hahahahaha.  Teenagers.