Mark's Halloween Treat

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I took this buck in South Carolina on Halloween day. I was hunting private land in Anderson Couny. At 7 in the morning, I was standing up changing clothes when I heard a splashing behind my stand and looked up to see a big buck stepping out of the creek. I picked up my rifle, aimed and took a shot at what later measured out to be 30 feet.

After I calmed down, I climbed down to find that I had dropped a 175 pound, 22-point buck with one shot. He missed Boone & Crockett by 4-1/8, scoring 180-7/8 out of 185 needed. Still a pretty good score. 5th place all-time non-typical in South Carolina.


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Super Deer!

That is one awesome buck! Even though he may not have made the book, he is still a serious nice deer and I'm sure he brings a smile to your face every time you glance at that rack!

Congratulations on that very fine deer!

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Awesome buck!!!!! Congrats.

Awesome buck!!!!! Congrats.

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trick or treat, great buck

trick or treat, great buck

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Cool looking buck!