Mandy's Mega Buck

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My girlfriend just decided to start hunting about 3 weeks before the season. She shoots a bow and has shot a gun some but had never shown an interest in hunting. After getting her geared up at Gander Mountain and buying her a H&R Ultra Hunter in 243 we practiced and went hunting. She took to hunting right off and got her first deer in Franklin County, Virginia, 3 days into the season, a 4 pointer.

On the first Saturday of the season, I acquired a new hunting location as it is difficult to find a spot to take the whole family, my 4 year old son and 6 year old daughter like to go also. We set up at the edge of a field. I might mention that this spot has been heavily hunted for years but I thought she might see a doe come out in the field.

At about 4:30 in the evening 2 does came out in the field. As Amanda sighted in on them she noticed something out of the corner of her eye, it was a buck. She waited until the buck was broadside and stopped and made a perfect heart shot as I had shown her. The buck dropped about 50 yards downfield. It was the biggest buck any of us had killed.

I learned something through this. First women make excellent hunters and you do not need a hand cannon of a rifle if you are patient and take only good shots. Amanda now has buck fever and cannot wait to go again. How many of us guys could sit in the woods with a 4 year old and kill bucks? By the way my kids are both crazy about hunting also. We need to get them all out in the woods and away from the tv.


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Very good story and an

Very good story and an excellent first buck!!!!!

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Congrats to the huntress,

Congrats to the huntress, thats a nice buck