Maine Hunting Photos & Stories

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It All Makes Sense Now, Finally...
Ken Nelson Jr.
Camp Finally, what does that mean exactly? I understand that those who own property and have "camps," like to give there place a catchy name to make it their own. I myself coming from a family owned cabin in Northern Michigan, simply known as "Nelson's Not Mucho Rancho," the name explains it, it aint much, but it's ours. It all makes sense to me, it is yours, and the name is what makes it your own special place. After several years of not really knowing the meaning of Finally, it all came to me in a sad moment the day after deer hunting season ended in 2009.
Youth Deer Hunting Success in Maine
Peter Nicholas
This is my grandson Gaige Plunginger, age 12 with his first nice 8-point buck which he got with his 44 Ruger, in the Maine 2009 season. He downed the deer with one shot, on a day with the rain coming down hard.
Maine Fisher Cats
Jim Rutherford
Went hunting one spring morning in York, Maine for turkey... giving an occasional chirp on my turkey call, when I saw movement in the distance heading my way. As it got closer I was very surprised to see it was a litter of four young fisher cats, just playing and frolicking.
Maine Black Bear Hunt
Kevin Messenger
Black bear taken during the fall bear hunt in September of 2000 in Maine. The bear was taken with a muzzleloader, using patched round ball, in .54 caliber.