Long Island, New York 9-Pointer

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I arrowed this tall monster 11 (9 Scorable) point buck while hunting in Ridge, Long Island, New York on October 20th, 2007. I'd seen him twice the week before that early damp morning. The first time I saw him I was hunting from a ground blind. The next thing I knew he was running straight to me with my back turned towards him. I heard him stop abruptly which made me stand still. Not knowing if it was a buck or a doe behind me, I waited about 30 seconds before turning around and there he was. As I motioned to turn, he ran off about 45 yards from me. Now was the time to get the bow. I picked up the bow and drew back waiting for him to come into a good shooting lane. He then appeared between two trees in my lane and I then released. Unfortunately I missed.

His next appearance was around the same time in the morning just a few days later during the week. I was in a treestand now which I borrowed from a good friend. I had positioned the stand so I had a great shot were I thought he had come from the first time. While sitting in the stand (try not to sit too much for this reason) I motioned to get up, and as I did I made a little noise and then I noticed him run off in the same direction the first time before. Now this time I couldn't get a shot off and even if I did, at that range I didn't want to scare him off his morning travel pattern. After seeing him twice I decided to dig deep in my pockets and spare a couple of dollars to buy a Summit Viper SS treestand.

With confidence and feeling good, I was looking forward to getting in my treestand early that October 20th morning. It was 55 degrees and the three of us were excited because it had rained heavy the night before so we knew the deer were going to be on the move once day-break came. We were up in our treestands by 6:15 or so. At around 7:15 I had a doe come in and feed for a few minutes. I contemplated on whether or not to take her because I was really after the big one. At the last second I decided to pull back and take her. She heard me draw and took off. I guess it wasn't meant to be because 15 minutes later (7:30 am) just after using the doe estrus can, I heard a twig snap. I turned my attention toward the noise. It was him! He was walking anxiously thinking it was a hot doe which made the blat. I slowly pick up my bow and drew back instantly. Looking at the path in front of him, I picked a clear shooting lane and awaited his arrival. When his shoulder came into view of my site I then released and watched the arrow hit him. Feeling the arrow he quickly jumped up on his hind legs, turned and headed back in the direction he came from. Watching the big buck run off with my arrow sticking out of his shoulder, I realized I had just bagged myself a buck of a lifetime. 5 minutes later I get on the horn to let the others in on what had happened. We never did find a blood trail but after spreading out we finally found him. Looking back on it those 45 seconds felt like forever and the whole time I wasn't even nervous. I realize because I was so focused on bagging that buck, I never had time to think about anytrhing. I will never forget that damp chilly morning on October 20th 2007.


Great Buck Glad to see the deer actually out there

Great buck !

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great buck, thanks for

great buck, thanks for sharing

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Great looking buck!!!!! Great

Great looking buck!!!!! Great story.