Long Island Buck

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This is my son Don Jr.'s Buck that was arrowed from a small area on the east end of Long Island New York where big bucks hide and some get caught. You all heard or read about small area bucks, well this is one of them. This is a nice 8 pointer that wandered out of the thicket where Don (my son) was waiting. We have been watching bucks like this in the small area for years now and learned from their pattern how to ambush them.

This deer we thought would be too early in the season before the chasing faze and the rut, but he came out and my son connected from our ground blind. This is just some of the bucks here on the East end. Most people do not share the stories of some of the monsters we see. They do not want others to know due to the shortage of property and the need for some people to do anything to kill a big buck. My best is 183 typical, and have seen some in the 200's. We have the best time coming up can't wait, it's my turn now!


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Nice buck.

Nice buck.

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great deer, thanks for

great deer, thanks for sharing