Limpopo Province Bowhunting Safari

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Bill Stuber and Lowell Boettcher from Wisconsin, booked a bowhunt with Buhala Safaris over a year ago. As the time to depart for their first African hunt ticked down, preparations became more intense, with visits to a museum depicting the animals they wanted to hunt. Books and magazines were researched, and by the time the day came to depart - They were ready and very well prepared.

We set out to a bowhunting only concession near Warmbaths, Limpopo Province to hunt Blesbuck, Red Hartebeest, Blue Wildebeest and Impala. After finding their feet and checking their bows we walked and stalked Blesbuck. Blesbuck, being plainsgame have exceptional eyesight, and many of our stalk were dashed, by a lone animal standing aside of the herd of some 70 animals.

The unseasonable rain, a week prior to the hunt, had sprouted some grasses, keeping the animals away from the hides and in the open plains. Lowell took an excellent Blesbuck ram from a hide, but besides shooting some Guinea fowl from the hide, Bill had not taken his first buck.

After 4 days, we moved on to a far Northern concession in the Messina region. It had not rained here and no natural water sources remained. This concession teamed with game. In a single day it was not unusual to see in excess of 100 animals from the hide, many of which potential trophies.

Although we experienced some light rain showers, which had no impact on the vegetation, we took a further 3 Impala, 2 Greater Kudu, a magnificent 32 inch Cape Eland bull, and 2 Warthogs, all in only 7 days.

Bill and Lowell were perfect shots. Their long hours of practicing and excellent shot placement paid off, taking all animals cleanly. All animals went down within 100 yards of the hide. Their equipment was well tuned, and their Montec 125 gr. broadheads, together with their Wheeler and Mathews bows set at 65 pounds worked perfectly, with all arrows passing through the animal, with the exception of the Eland where the arrowhead lodged in the opposite ribcage, and brought the bull down in not even 100 yards.

Bill Stuber and Lowell Boettcher - I salute you, you are excellent hunters


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NIce animals, good job.

NIce animals, good job.

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congrats on the fine animals

congrats on the fine animals