Kentucky Buck of a Lifetime

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I killed the buck of a lifetime! I have a lock on stand near a cedar thicket that I normally hunt, but I decided to make just a minor adjustment, and it made all the difference. I took my climber and moved about 30 yards to the other side of the thicket. It was a quiet afternoon and generally the deer move early in this part of the woods, but there was little action til around 4:25-4:30 when a doe came in and worked her way past my stand til she reached the trail I came in on and then she eased back to where she had came from, beginning to circle up behind me. I heard another deer directly behind my tree and stood to get a glimpse through the thicket, but I couldn't tell what it was, when back out to the side of me another deer caught my attention. I could just see part of one of his main beams and a couple of his tines, but it was obvious he was a shooter. He had one thing on his mind-- that first doe. So I found an opening in the direction she was headed and waited for my shot. He stepped into the small opening and I took my shot. He ran back towards my stand and fell 20 yards right in front of me-- That is when I realized I had just shot the buck of a lifetime! When he fell and I saw those horns standing almost 2 feet off the ground-- I went nuts!! I was hunting alone and normally cannot get a cell phone signal, but thank the Good Lord, I was able to reach my good friend Bob, who came to help me get him out of the woods.

This has been a busy year. I pastor a church in Bowling Green, Kentucky and we are building a new Sanctuary. In August we had our 2nd child and life has just been generally hectic and busy. I haven't been able to put the time into hunting that I normally do. I love to bow hunt, but this year have not been able to. I almost stayed home yesterday...but I didn't! I would like to tell you I am good and that this buck didn't have a prayer, but the truth is I am blessed to have been in just the right place at just the right time to have even seen this magnificent animal, much less to have harvested him. He was a typical 12 with a split brow tine that made him a 13. He had a 21 inch inside spread and a green score in the low 160's. He had really nice mass that he carried throughout his main beams. I shot him with a 25-06 at about 60-65 yards on 11-16-04.


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That sure is a great looking

That sure is a great looking deer, that would be awesome to have a deer like that come walking through the woods.

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Congratulations on your buck

Congratulations on your buck of a lifetime. He sure is one big awesome brute. I would love to put an arrow through one like that

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Now that is a magnificent

Now that is a magnificent buck that we would all dream about getting a chance at. Congratulations on truly tagging the buck of a lifetime. No matter how busy we are it's always worth slipping out for a hunt whenever you get the chance.

One of the biggest bucks I ever killed was after I had to work all night but at the last minute decided to go out for a couple of hours rather than go home and sleep. Because I got a slightly late start there were several other hunters parked and had already took the trail in before me. I was a little dissappointed but took off on a side trail that only ran a few hundred yards from the road. I was only 5 minutes from the truck when I jumped the big buck and gropped him on the run. He had happily watched al those other hunters walk up the mountain and around the hill until I messed him up and went the wrong way. Never give up and take every opportunity you get.

Congrats on the awsome buck,

Congrats on the awsome buck, it truely is a buck of a lifetime. I wouldnt put it all on luck though. You made the move to change stand locations from where you normally hunt, I'm sure that helped you out. This will probably make you think twice about not going out, when you haven't had much time. And like I always say, good things come to those who do good.

Congrats again

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Nice buck!

Nice buck!

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Very nice buck!!!!!

Very nice buck!!!!! Congrats!!!!!

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Nice buck, congrats

Nice buck, congrats

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He's nice and wide!

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It seams that at times that

It seams that at times that the more that you have on your plate the better things get

Congrats on your buck! He is

Congrats on your buck! He is one fine one. And congrats on the addition to your family. Thanks for sharing your story and picture