Kansas Hunting Photos & Stories

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First Whitetail Buck
Scott Scherer

I went to the Kansas City Sportshow and was looking at a booth about hunting Safari animals. This gentleman came up to me and asked where I was from, because he noticed my Guide shirt. I told him and he looked at me and said he was from there, and started telling me everyone he knew including my family. We talked a little bit and he told me that he has shot every Safari animal you can think of but never shot a whitetail deer. I was shocked when I saw pictures of his hunting room and it was stacked wall to wall with mounts and not one deer.

Father and Daughter Hunt
Scott Scherer

The memories of a Father and Son hunt are Awesome but the memories of a Father Daughter hunt are SPEECHLESS. But I'm going to try and tell you anyway.

I was getting ready to take a few clients out west on a Turkey hunt and they asked if I would hunt with them. I told them that my tags were filled but I'm here for them not me. We later that night after supper thought it would be awesome to take my Daughter(CJ) out of school and take her on her first ever turkey hunt.

Father and Son Kansas Deer Hunt
Scott Scherer

I was working on getting my lodge ready for the 2008 hunting season and my son wanted to go scouting for Youth season whitetail deer here in Kansas. I told my son that I was busy and he should go out and let me know what he could find (wanted him to do something on his own).

My son came home right after dark and told me about these 3 larger than life bucks that he saw. I told him it sounded like a fish story cause these 3 bucks kept growing every time I heard the story.

Moosehead the Kansas Mule Deer
Dexter Leach
Curtis and I had hunted a big mule deer buck we had named "Moosehead" the previous year and I was hoping for another chance at him. Last year the deer was on Curtis' family farm and the neighboring properties. I had stalked him several times but had never been able to get, what I thought, was an ethical shot at him, before one of the locals proceeded to chase him out of the county.
Central Kansas Buck
Brian L. Williams
This Central Kansas Buck was shot on opening weekend with my father, Tom Williams near Tescott, Kansas. I walked approximately ¼ mile to get into position, in water way, at the end of a wheat field. My father went to the top of the wheat field to get into position at the other end, 1/2 section of grass and wheat fields. Deer must have noticed my father during the time he was getting into position.
Kansas Non-Typical Buck
Kevin & Ronda Joeckel
15 year old Tanner Joeckel of Kansas bagged this big buck October 5, 2008. He shot it with a muzzleloader at 35 yards. Massive 12 point rack, 7 3/8 inch drop tine!
12 Year Old's Kansas Archery Deer Hunt
Shonda Burger
T.J. Burger, age 12, from Gardner, Kansas bagged a 9 point whitetail buck in Miami County, Kansas on his very first archery hunt on October 17th, 2008. Actually, it was his first ever official deer hunt!
Korean Pheasant Hunt
Elisse & Dan Clark
My husband and I hunted pheasant recently (March 2008) on Jeju Island, in Korea! Dan is US Army Retired, and had told me how he had hunted there when he was stationed in Korea many years ago... back when Jeju (or Cheju as it is sometimes spelled) was basically wilderness... Jeju Island is now a vacation paradise of 5-star resorts, but there is still hunting (even for foreign tourists!) at the Daeyoo Land Hunting Preserve! I was planning our very belated "Honeymoon" in Asia, and I was determined to finally get to go hunting with my husband!
Tater's Kansas Deer
Mike 'Tater' Haviland
After about 3 hours on the road towards North Central Kansas, I received word that I wasn't going to be able to hunt the property that I was planning to hunt on the Kansas opener. However, I wasn't too concerned. I have had quite a bit of luck hunting on the WIHA (Walk-In Hunting Areas) the state has to offer...