Kansas Non-Typical Buck

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15 year old Tanner Joeckel of Kansas bagged this big buck October 5, 2008. He shot it with a muzzleloader at 35 yards. Massive 12 point rack, 7 3/8 inch drop tine!

We were walking into a bean field that had not been cut yet. We saw the buck about 100 yards away. My dad had his rattle bag and lightly rattled it against his leg. The deer was interested and began walking closer. When he got to about 35 yards, his body was outlined by the sunset behind him, and that is when we noticed the drop tine and decided to take him. After waiting for the cloud of smoke from the muzzleloader to clear we could tell he made an excellent shot. Still standing in the same spot we called all our huntin' buddies to get the deer into the back of the truck. It was a day we won't soon forget...


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Awesome Deer

Tanner that is one Great Buck. I also love your hat.

Rock Chalk Jay Hawks.

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That is one heck of a deer.

That is one heck of a deer. congrats

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Great buck!!!!!

Great buck!!!!!