Jessica's Colorado Cow Elk Hunt

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We went hunting this fall for elk and although we had a great time, we came home without fulfilled tags. I had one tag that was good until December 31 so two days after Christmas, Dad took me past Craig, past Maybell, and even past Sunbeam to 6 miles from the Utah border where the Lord saw fit to fulfill a dream. We saw a herd of about 200 and I had never ever seen so many elk!

After a stalk through a deep ravine, we heard shots but actually, the Lord used those to push them towards us. When I saw them, my eyes about popped out. About 275 yards away were the most elk I have ever seen... I pulled my gun up and was worried about not finding one by itself.. I didn't want to shoot through two! I found one, held my breath, and squeezed. I thought I had missed by aiming a little high. Dad and I walked over the ridge and only 100 yards away was my first elk - down!! I was absolutely, positively thrilled!!! She was a big one (which was hilarious as my Dad had teased and said to shoot the smallest one so the drag would be easy) and Dad guesses around 425ish pounds! We had a wonderful time and I continued to learn on how to gut (which slowly I am trying to master) along with skinning. Praise to the Lord that the road was only 700 yards away... and I was very thankful and tried to enjoy it lots as elk hunting is rarely, rarely this easy... :)

While we were driving it got to -23! After I shot mine (which was around 9 degrees.. Yes - a heat wave!), the camera had froze so it wouldn't take pictures...


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conrats on the fine cow, good

conrats on the fine cow, good job

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Great job on the cow, good

Great job on the cow, good story.