Jesse's Vinton County Monster

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It was third day of Ohio's shotgun season and a buddy of mine dropped me off at a property we own in Vinton County. I walked to the edge of a field and I started to rattle. Nothing happened so I waited another twenty minutes, then moved 250 yards to the opposite edge of the field.

Its kind of thick, so I settled in and started grunting but nothing happened so I waited and started grunting again. This time I heard a grunt in reply, then another, and it was getting louder. Then I saw the biggest buck I've ever seen in my twenty years of deer hunting!

The buck was about fifty yards away with his ears straight back, legs stiff, and a broad swelled neck! He kept getting closer and closer then he stopped five yards away and I shot. The buck jumped and ran about forty five yards then piled up. He has seven points on one side and five on the other and the base of the antlers is roughly the diameter of a pop can.


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nice one

Jesse, You sure enough whacked yourself a brute there! Congrats on taking that fine old mature buck!

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Very nice buck!!!!!

Very nice buck!!!!!

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great deer, thanks for

great deer, thanks for sharing

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Gotta love when you can rattle one like that in!

Great buck and nice 250 yard

Great buck and nice 250 yard shot