Javelina Hunting Photos & Stories

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Highs and Lows in Texas

Several years ago, 2006 to be exact, I was invited by my father-in-law to go hunt on one of his friend’s trophy whitetail ranch in South Texas. He was barely finished asking before I emphatically said yes! I immediately started having visions of all the “Bucks of Tecomate” and other whitetail hunting shows I had watched on TV and the anticipation of me actually getting a chance at a monster whitetail. That vision was quickly erased when he continued with the plan; we were going to go to the ranch and cull does, hunt quail and javelina, and maybe get a chance at a pig.

Javelina Hunting Fun

The year was 1997 and there were 6 of us out on a expedition hunting javelinas in Arizona.  This was our fourth trip and so far we had managed to only find and shoot two of them in the previous years.  This year it got interesting.

Last Day Javelina

It was the last day of the hunt in Arizona and I still hadn’t filled my tag yet.  Roy my hunting partner had taken a nice boar two nights before right at sundown.  He and I had taken a hike and separated along a ridge.  He went one way and I the other around a finger heading back towards the main wash.  I had headed down the ridge for about three quarters of a mile and stopped to glass a hill side.  There was a brown bull making a ruckus and bellowing at something and I just didn’t pay any attention.  Now Roy had walked around that hill and was towards the bott

Arizona Javelina with a Bow
Harry Grizzle
Harry Grizzle, age 12 took this Arizona javelina with his Browning bow. It was in Arizona unit 37A. The time was 4:30 in the afternoon. The javelina was 15 yards away and I could not move for 2 minutes because he was looking at me. It was the first javelina I saw this day.