Jack's Record Alaska-Yukon Moose

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Here is my ten year old son Jack Nelsen of Staples, MN. Jack shot this 255.5 B&C Alaska-Yukon bull moose this past September 2004. Jack’s moose was officially scored number two in the world by Rob Naplin of Park Rapids, MN. The bull had a 77 inch wide spread and was taken with one shot at 80 yards.


That thing is huge! Your son

That thing is huge! Your son could probably lay down sideways in that rack and still not touch both sides. Thats awsome that a 10 year old has the second largest moose. Sounds like he also made a great one shot kill on it. Congrats to both of you. A true giant.

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Wow, That is one big Moose. Congratulations to Jack. You have got to be the youngest hunter that holds a WORLD RECORD. Yes, I wish it was me but I'm glad it happened to you.

Congratulations on your world record and hope you get many more!!!!!

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Man that is awesome!!

Man that is awesome!!

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WOW!!! Thats a great moose

WOW!!! Thats a great moose

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I'm jelious that he got to

I'm jelious that he got to and so far I haven't. 

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That is one awesome

That is one awesome beast!!!!!

One word, jealousy. Congrats

One word, jealousy. Congrats on your #2 moose. Thanks for sharing the story and picture.