Indiana Whitetail Buck

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I got this monster on the way back to the truck after missing an 8-pointer. I was sitting in my stand on Nov. 25, 2007 on my first mid-day hunt of gun season. I sat all day with just seeing a couple does off in the distance. Then I heard something coming down the trail I was hunting and a big doe and a nice 8 point came out from behind some brush. I waited till he got in range then boom. I noticed he ducked right under it. So I got out of my stand and was walking back to the truck and noticed two does run into a small 1/2 acre swamp on the property. So I slowly made my way over to the swamp keeping out of sight and out of mind to the deer as I started into the opposite side of the swamp that the does bedded down in. I heard something stirring in the brush. Thinking it was the does. I was mistaken as I took my next step, the monster jumped up 8 feet in front of me, I took a shot and skimmed his back, he ran into a nearby bigger swamp. As I got closer I could see the top of his rack sticking out of the tall grass he didn't move until I got about 10 yards then he gave me the once in a lifetime shot and I took it!


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Great buck!!!!! Good job.

Great buck!!!!! Good job.

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great buck, thanks for

great buck, thanks for sharing