Indiana Deer Hunting Success

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It was a nice November 5th 2009 evening in Indiana. I had just gotten off work and I was off to the woods to get in my stand. I got my gear on, sprayed down and to my stand I went. I put out a couple of scent pads on the way in. I arrived at my stand at about 4:00 pm, I set down and was getting comfortable for the night's hunt. After getting comfortable I hit my grunt and within 2 minutes I saw my buck standing in the partially picked cornfield about 80 yards from my stand.

I hit my grunt one more time and in he came. He came right to my stand broad side at 30 yards with a small hole to shoot through the thicket. I released my arrow and the deer traveled 30 yards where I recovered this buck. Total time of this hunt was about 25 minutes. I had put plenty of time in the stand prior, I don't want people to think I just walked out the first day and whacked this buck.


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Great buck, great story.

Great buck, great story. Hopefully you had some doe tags so you would get to hunt more.

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Congrats on the nice buck,

Congrats on the nice buck, couple years ago I shot my buck 2 hours into opening day, it was fun but wished i had waited.

Wow, sweet buck but sure

Wow, sweet buck but sure makes the season short at 25 minutes but fun