Indiana Hunting Photos & Stories

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Hunting Camp
Ed T.

Is there anything better? If it ain't family or Grandkids; I, for one, am not buying it. There's just something very special about a hunting camp, whether it be for deer, hogs, bear, or whatever. My very first deer hunts were done away from home in a camp with some very interesting characters. They were all around my Dad's age and to the man, always treated "Little Eddie" well enough. Actually they probably treated me extra good, remembering they way they talked to each

Deer Hunting Success in Indiana
Chris Sneed
I am an avid hunter and extremely love the outdoors. Well I took this buck off a state forestry in southern Indiana. Besides the intense hunting pressure from other hunters and with the deer in full rut things were going slow. I hunted different stand locations due to the changing of wind, and lack of seeing deer became a bit discouraging.
Indiana Deer Hunting Success
Chris James
It was a nice November 5th 2009 evening in Indiana. I had just gotten off work and I was off to the woods to get in my stand. I got my gear on, sprayed down and to my stand I went. I put out a couple of scent pads on the way in. I arrived at my stand at about 4:00 pm, I set down and was getting comfortable for the night's hunt. After getting comfortable I hit my grunt and within 2 minutes I saw my buck standing in the partially picked cornfield about 80 yards from my stand.
9 Pt. Indiana Archery Buck
Julie Manning-Dooley
On Wednesday 10/22/08 I was late getting into the woods at about 5:45 pm. I did not use a treestand. I found a couple nice rubs and decided to stand in front of a big oak tree that was on the edge of a hill. I decided to do the fawn bleet call as I had used that a couple days prior and called in several does and a button buck. It was windy so when the wind would stop I would get a chance to use the call.
First Deer and All the Mistakes I Made
Alicia Ebert
I have been hunting with my boyfriend before and have watched him shoot a deer with a gun so I had a little bit of an idea of the feeling I would get when I went hunting on my own. Well at least that's what I thought anyway. I have been shooting a bow for a little over a year now, at first I was just using a friends bow to see if I even liked shooting one.
Indiana Whitetail Buck
Brandon Meyer
I got this monster on the way back to the truck after missing an 8-pointer. I was sitting in my stand on Nov. 25, 2007 on my first mid-day hunt of gun season. I sat all day with just seeing a couple does off in the distance. Then I heard something coming down the trail I was hunting and a big doe and a nice 8 point came out from behind some brush. I waited till he got in range then boom.