How to Lose a Good Hunting Stand

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A few months ago a good friend of mine moved to San Antonio and I was eyeing that Remington Youth 243 he was about to pack up. I really wanted it to start taking my 9 year old son Zach hunting so we made a deal on the gun. He has been tagging along with me a few years to food plot stands and we have seen a few deer over the years.

November 9 we went to the food plot, sat about 5 minutes and he got his first deer, a 120 lb doe. November 17 I got a good 8 pt so I decided to take my son back to the food plot stand November 20. We are now in the middle of the rut and I know anything can happen at anytime.

We get situated in the stand and about 5 minutes of sitting, here comes a doe into the field. She acted kind of spooked and I tell my son to get the gun up and ready because she is acting like a buck is following her. At that time a buck steps out and my son can see him good but my view is a little blocked by the corner of the tower stand but I can tell its a good buck so I tell him to shoot. When we get to the downed deer it's really larger than I first thought, it grossed 115". Now he has claimed his new hunting area and wants to go back every chance he gets!


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i wouldnt mind loosing my

i wouldnt mind loosing my spot to my son, Thanks for sharing, very nice buck.

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I know the feeling. I lost

I know the feeling. I lost one of my best stands to my son also. But, it's worth it