Goshen Indiana Monster Buck

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This monster was taken October 14th 2007 by Justin Rowland. This was my first hunt in about 15 years. I passed up 6 does in the morning and moved my stand at about 1pm to get a better angle and distance to the trail they were mainly using. At 3:30 pm I had a nice little 5 point come in to 10 yards with a perfect broadside shot but I elected to let him walk. I had made up my mind that morning I was not going to take a buck smaller then a 6 point. Almost on the hour a 4 point was spooked up by a couple dogs running though the woods. With a quick grunt I got the little guy to stop right in front of me at 20yrds. But like I said I had made my mind up I was not taking anything less then a 6 point. The 4 point didn’t stick around long as he was still edgy from the dogs that jumped him. I was rather disappointed at this point knowing those dogs could come back at any time and ruin the rest of my days hunt. But around 5:30 like clock work I had a nice size doe come up behind me. I could not shot behind me due to heavy cover but I was hoping she would come down the main trail that was 15 years from my stand. Of course like all good stories she went right under my morning stand location just to spite me.

The entire afternoon I didn't see a single deer come down that main trail. They were all using side trails that crossed the main trail. Well until this monster showed up. All I saw coming though the woods was antlers. I spotted him about 80 yards out but my entire focus was on that massive rack. He was moving at a steady walk, stopping every 15 to 20 yards to take a sniff and listen for a moment. I knew he was going to come straight in to the clearing I was set up on. Right down that main trail leading to the corn field. The wind was in my face, I had my bow in front of me along with good cover branches around me. I was confident he would come right in my kill zone with out a hint of my presence. My only worry was him catching a glimpse of me drawing my bow. So when he started his walk again at about 50 yards I took my draw. Sure enough he came right into 30 yards and stopped just beyond a set of lone trees in the clearing angling slightly towards me. He sniffed the air and looked around one last time. Then he looked right at me. He probably spotted me because I was shaking like crazy. I took a deep breath and held it to get the shakes to stop for a moment to put a good shot on this bruiser. I let the arrow fly and stuck him in the lower neck angling into the chest clipping one lung.

I left him for an hour before I called in reinforcements to help me track this monster. We lost his trail after about 2 hours of tracking. Needless to say I was very disappointed that evening knowing he was the Buck of a lifetime. The next morning with help from my cousin’s husband we picked up the trail. After about 4 hours of tracking and losing the trail several times only to pick it back up again we found him. He weighed out at 200 lbs field dressed with what I thought was a 11 or 12 point rack at the time of the shot that ended up being a 13 point. I'm having the monster mounted and scored after the 60 day drying period.


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Very Nice buck!!!!!

Very Nice buck!!!!! Congrats!!!!!

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thats one heck of a buck, and

thats one heck of a buck, and great story, congrats