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Ronnie's First 8 Pointer
Jim Boyd

The sun rose, but grudgingly slow that morning. It was Thanksgiving morning in 1989 and it was cold, even by south Georgia standards.

I want to tell you this story, but first I have to take you back a way... years back, in fact. 

My little brother Ronnie and I had become pretty consistent hunting partners. He is almost 2 years younger than I am and I had started hunting earlier than he did.

Jonah's First Deer
Jeremy Swisher
Two very long days in stands. We moved three times the 1st day hunting as guests on a lease in Millividge GA. Always walking into the tree stands 1 hr prior to sunrise and walked out at dark. Let me just say for a father and son (from Northern Maine used to tracking in snow and still hunting) in a two man tree stand sitting for 3 to 4 hours at a time being silent and watching will task your willpower.
Georgia Hog Hunt Success
Sandi Bennett
My first hog hunt was truly a day I will never forget. It was Saturday January 17, 2009 and, according to The Weather Channel, the coldest it's been in our area in three years. We were camping on the Altamaha River with a group of friends. I was wearing several layers of clothing, but it was still very cold. My husband and I walked for a couple of hours in the morning and only saw one raccoon although we saw lots of sign that hogs were in the area.
New State Record Alligator for Georgia
Randy Pounds
I tell ya'll it was the fight of the century. We had been hunting since right after dark. Saw less than a dozen Gators. Most of them were this year's model or last year's. Nothing legal at all. Spotted 2 at about 500 yards that appeared to be legal so we start easing up on them and they just dropped on us. Very skittish. I forgot my rod with 100 lb test line and a 12/0 treble hook, so we let them stay where they were and went on looking.
Georgia Alligator Hunting Adventure
Jeff McDaniel
My desire to seek adventures different or "out of the ordinary" took me to a secluded place far at the southern corner of the State of Georgia. It was there, time seemingly stood still. As we drove downhill toward our destination, a peace or calming was ever present. The woes of my daily life and the head aches of works were forgotten. The Marina was a throw back to a life style from my childhood.
Korean Pheasant Hunt
Elisse & Dan Clark
My husband and I hunted pheasant recently (March 2008) on Jeju Island, in Korea! Dan is US Army Retired, and had told me how he had hunted there when he was stationed in Korea many years ago... back when Jeju (or Cheju as it is sometimes spelled) was basically wilderness... Jeju Island is now a vacation paradise of 5-star resorts, but there is still hunting (even for foreign tourists!) at the Daeyoo Land Hunting Preserve! I was planning our very belated "Honeymoon" in Asia, and I was determined to finally get to go hunting with my husband!
How to Lose a Good Hunting Stand
Billy Wheeler
A few months ago a good friend of mine moved to San Antonio and I was eyeing that Remington Youth 243 he was about to pack up. I really wanted it to start taking my 9 year old son Zach hunting so we made a deal on the gun. He has been tagging along with me a few years to food plot stands and we have seen a few deer over the years.