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Third Year - Could This Be the Charm?
Jim Boyd

The story spans at least two seasons... and we think possibly more.

Larry was fairly early in his deer hunting career and was hunting a small farm with my brother down in south central Georgia.

This farm is noted for some good bucks - but true "show stopper" bucks are hard to come by in this area.

Huntin' Hogs
Ed T.

An expert, I ain't, but that sure does not keep me from enjoying some serious hog hunting. I'd wanted to hunt wild boars for about as long as I can remember and I finally took the step, along with a couple of Buddies in 2007. We went to a place near Waynesboro, Ga. and we had a blast. Between the three of us we took two hogs, what most call meat hogs of around 80 lbs. One of them, the first, ended up being shot with ALL four hunters present and at a range of about 5 yds, no kidding!

Tommy - The King of the Forest
Jim Boyd

Tommy was never going to be classified as a great deer hunter.
Or a fisherman, for that matter.
Tommy was hard luck in both of these departments... always had been and I suspect he always will be.

Hunting Camp
Ed T.

Is there anything better? If it ain't family or Grandkids; I, for one, am not buying it. There's just something very special about a hunting camp, whether it be for deer, hogs, bear, or whatever. My very first deer hunts were done away from home in a camp with some very interesting characters. They were all around my Dad's age and to the man, always treated "Little Eddie" well enough. Actually they probably treated me extra good, remembering they way they talked to each

Jonah's 1st Buck in Middle Georgia
Jeremy Swisher

Well on a whim I decided to head out to the tree stand after work and as soon as Jonah got home. We would only have an hour before sunset and then maybe 15 minutes after that where you can actually see something to shoot. I had talked with a buddy of mine and he suggested a different tree stand. I liked the idea for just something different and more chance to see hogs.

Come On In - The Water Is Fine
Jim Boyd

Cold as the dickens.

That it was... particularly for south central Georgia.
Mid 20's that morning with a high of 37 or 38 - and then cloudy, leaden skies in the afternoon with sub freezing temperatures.

A "Rattling" Experience
Jim Boyd

It was a cold winter day, for sure. The temps hovered in the mid 40’s and it was just one of those gray, bone chilling days.
The wind was howling as I decided that my current plan was not working.
I had hunted for three days and in spite of the fact that it was the middle of the rut, I had yet to see a decent buck. Heck, I had yet to see a buck at all!
I knew I needed a change of plan.

Just to Listen to the Turkeys Fly Down...
Jim Boyd

New Years Eve.

Sweet to revelers and nostalgic folks.

Just about the end of the line for deer hunters in Georgia.

Ronnie's First Deer Hunt
Jim Boyd

"This is just totally ridiculous”, thought my little brother Ronnie, as he perched 15’ up in a pine tree. Shivering in the unusually cold weather, he continues his line of thought -  “I have no business here”.
Here he sits, on a heavy, homemade one piece climbing style deer stand – that does not even have a seat. Heck, the stand is steel, it is not even made of aluminum. He has a little seat separate from the stand that is secured the tree with a little section of chain (these were popular back in the 80’s).

"Three Shot" Larry
Jim Boyd

My brother and I are very lucky, in that we have permission to hunt a small farm in Georgia, to include use of the Civil War era house that is on the property.

The farm is small – only about 300 acres – but has been deer hunting heaven since we started hunting it in about 1986 or so – that means we are going on 25 years on the property.