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Emily's 1st Deer
Jeremy Swisher

Opening day for rifle season was approaching and I had plans to take my 15 year old daughter Emily.  Last time she went hunting was on a very cold day in Northern Maine as a 10 year old for youth day.  Never did get anything that day so we shot at some cans.  After that she hasn’t had any interest in hunting but still enjoyed the outdoors.  So on my birthday instead of spending a day for myself I spent it with my wife Angela and went shopping for camo clothes for Emily.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh.....

Marlin Memories
Jeremy Swisher

Beginning of November 2010 had some surprisingly cold weather move into middle Georgia.  Now me being a Damn Yankee I should be accustomed to cold weather hunting and consider it more of a blessing.  I used to relish those days in minus 15 degree Fahrenheit or worse and set off on a fresh track in the snow.  Certainly, wouldn’t sit in a tree stand in those cold temperatures. 

Another Great Hog Hunt
Ed T.

Well, we made our fifth annual hog hunting trip and third to the same place in the Wrightsville, Georgia area. As with our previous two trips to this camp, we had an absolutely great time. My friend Don traveled down from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area to meet up with my Buddy Al and I for the trip down to Georgia.

The Surprise Buck
Craig Chamblee

The morning of November 19, 1990 dawned clear and cold. My brother had showed up at Mother's for a hunt. He was looking for some doe meat for the freezer and I was sick with a cold from the day before. We had spent the day looking for a nice 10 point I had shot. We brought in dogs and everything, and still no deer.

Perseverance - The Craig Chamblee Story
Jim Boyd

The dictionary defines perseverance as: a steady persistence in a course of action, particularly in spite of difficulties, obstacles or discouragement.

I will challenge you to find a better example of this than Craig Chamblee.

First, we will go backwards in time, to the early 1970's...

Back Home Georgia Buck
James R. Jones

One cold, rainy October day, after talking to an old farmer friend on a remote gravel road in Georgia, I found myself with access to an awesome piece of property being long time family friends with owner. Diving into an all-day scouting junket of the large acreage, I quickly became aware of the fact that many good bucks called the property home. It was quite clear that I should be able to cherry-pick a couple of large-antlered bucks from the location come November. Hanging a few stands, I headed home, excitedly looking forward to my return visit in early-November.

Ronnie and the "Gambler"
Jim Boyd

The woods seemed very new… altogether vibrant to me – and very cold!

I had been away from hunting, at least for the most part, for several years now. This hunt had the feel of a kid who has missed Christmas, somehow slept through it perhaps, and is given a chance to get it back…

Why is She Running?
Jim Boyd

The year was 1988 and I was fairly early in my deer hunting career.

I had hunted only highly pressured public land up to this point - both with bow and rifle - and finally had been granted permission to hunt a private farm in Bulloch County Georgia and I felt like I had hit a gold mine!

First of all, it was private and I did not have to worry about getting walked in on!

Secondly, there was buck sign everywhere - the first time I scouted it, I found scrape after scrape on ther field edge!

The Jury Returns, Finally
Jim Boyd

This is a story of heartbreak.
A story of loss.
It is also the story of a treasure, seemingly out of reach, that comes home.

A Long Way Down - Ronnie vs the Swamp
Jim Boyd

This is the story of my brother Ronnie - whom some of you now know through my stories - versus the black water swamp.

It is a tale full of drama and of missed opportunities - with some victory and defeat thrown in for good measure. Not because I added it to the story - but rather because it just happened that way.