Friday the 13th Buck

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There was a misty rain with the wind blowing from the Northwest. It was a melancholy afternoon on Friday the 13th in October of 2006. It was supposed to be a dreary "bad luck" day.

I abandoned my normal daily tree stand vigil. This was a perfect day to sneak though a cornfield where I knew a nice deer was making his home. With a light wind and the slight breeze I could be ultra quiet in the big buck bedding area.

I put on some fleece Predator camouflage along with some lightweight waterproof boots (I always wear rubber) and headed for the notorious corn patch. This is a large rolling field with a couple of swales within. A road borders it with woods on one side and other crop fields in the surrounding area. There is also a thick double fencerow, which was a farm lane many years ago.

By the time I got to where I wanted to start, I was a bit wet. My legs were wetter than the rest of me. Although, I had my hood up and the rain was dripping from the bill of my hat as well. Just before I stepped into the corn I remember thinking, "What am I doing out here? I'm getting soaked on Friday the 13th. All I'm going to get is cold and wet." Nonetheless I continued on. I knew we couldn't put venison in the freezer while sitting on the couch.

My method of sneaking through a cornfield is one row at a time. I start at the end of the field opposite the wind direction. I prefer a good crosswind. I hold my bow at my side, stick my head in the row, look both ways and move forward. This is much easier with a gun, but you can use a bow as well. Some people like to do this in groups, but I prefer to go at it alone. A minimal breeze and a slight rain can make it extremely quiet. It's probably the reason why I like it so much.

After stepping through several rows, I continued to get colder and wetter. However, I continued to persevere. I quietly stepped into a cornrow and slowly moved my head into the next row and looked to the left. I saw the body of a large deer and slowly inched forward. I started to look into the next row and saw a heavy beam. I knew this was a buck I was after that I had seen on 2 previous occasions.

I slowly and quietly drew my Alpine bow and hit him through both lungs with an Easton Axis arrow tipped with a 100 grain Vortex broad head. The buck immediately exploded and ran through the corn. Since it was raining I took up the blood trail immediately. The buck ran approximately 70 yards before expiring.

Ironically, the buck sported 13 points. I guess Friday the 13th isn't so unlucky after all. The buck weighed 241 pounds field dressed and had 49 inches of mass on his main beams. Although, he only has a 15-½ inch inside spread, he still tallies up at 162 1/8 non-typical. I truly think it was worth getting cold and wet, while putting up with the nasty weather.


ManOfTheFall's picture

One awesome brute!!!!! Looks

One awesome brute!!!!! Looks like he has some serious mass. Great job!!!

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that is a freak of a buck,

that is a freak of a buck, congrats

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13,,, Right on!!!