Florida Axis Buck Hunt

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I went on an Axis Buck hunt on the Razor Ranch here in Florida. This ranch has 15,000 acres. We started out early morning. But winds kept shifting on us and we got busted by the Axis deer. Finally we saw a huge buck around 2 pm. After we stalked with in shooting range, I was ready for my shot. Buck fever set in I couldn't stop shaking. The buck was out about 150 yards. I shot over his back. Then we went back out in a ground blind around 5 pm. Right at dusk 5 does ran out from the hardwoods. On their heels was a nice velvet buck. He was out about 110 yards. Once he gave me a broadside shot I put the cross hairs on him and fired. He was in velvet 28x28 inches and went 150 pounds. My best tip is to hunt with winds in your face and try to relax when that chance of a life time is in your scope.


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great looking animal,

great looking animal, congrats

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Congrats. Nice looking

Congrats. Nice looking buck!!!!!