Florida Hunting Photos & Stories

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Spring Break Gator Hunt

After talking with a guy who had some available alligator tags, I hastily made my way from my college near Toledo, OH to Arcadia, FL. The drive was epic. I took my dad's Toyota Camry, and strapped my kayak to the top. It was a marathon of a drive, but after 20 some hours, I made it to Florida worn out and dizzy from the trip.

At 9:30am, I met Brad, my connection and guide, and we headed to the ranch we were going to hunt. Quite unexpectedly, the method of hunting was more spot and stalk than I had anticipated.

Big Ole' Gator

I figured that since my screen name is Gatorfan, it is only appropriate that I share a story about gator hunting.  Although the story does not involve me, I found it to be very rewarding none-the-less.  I grew up in Central Florida and can remember plenty of nights bass fishing the local lakes, ponds, and golf courses.

Fantastic Florida 9 Pointer!
Jimmy Barnes
Like others I thought I would never top that fine buck I took last year in Oklahoma, until January 19, 2010, when I was hunting in the northern portion of Okaloosa County Florida, north of Baker Florida and just a few miles south of the Alabama line.
Pennsylvania Fallow Buck With a Bow
Jimmy Barnes
It was on a Wednesday morning and from a treestand I had several deer come within distance, but when this deer came through I was able to take a 30 yard shot and he only went about 50 yards.
Florida Axis Buck Hunt
Raymond C. Gegner Jr.
I went on an Axis Buck hunt on the Razor Ranch here in Florida. This ranch has 15,000 acres. We started out early morning. But winds kept shifting on us and we got busted by the Axis deer. Finally we saw a huge buck around 2 pm. After we stalked with in shooting range, I was ready for my shot.