First Whitetail Buck

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I went to the Kansas City Sportshow and was looking at a booth about hunting Safari animals. This gentleman came up to me and asked where I was from, because he noticed my Guide shirt. I told him and he looked at me and said he was from there, and started telling me everyone he knew including my family. We talked a little bit and he told me that he has shot every Safari animal you can think of but never shot a whitetail deer. I was shocked when I saw pictures of his hunting room and it was stacked wall to wall with mounts and not one deer.

Well we booked him a hunt and had to go early muzzleloading because he would be hunting in Russia for Brown bear during Archery season (darn the bad luck).

The first morning of the hunt I will never forget, because in rained about 3 inches, had lightning, rained some more and kept raining and it was terrible. We sat around the lodge and were talking about where to go for the evening because it was supposed to clear off.

When the evening hunt came to we made our way up a small bluff about a mile back in the woods. It rained so hard we had to walk because our four wheelers could not make it. After finally making it 45 minutes later, the first thought to mind was how do the guys in the mountains ever do it. We were out of shape and wanted to lay down for a nap. We set the ground blind up overlooking a CRP field. I picked up one our grunt tubes and thought I would give it a try. The minute I hit it a buck down in the timber responded. I looked at Jay and said "did you hear that?" Jay looked at me and said "you remember all that water I drank coming up that hill?"  I looked at him and said "Yes, what's that got to do about hearing that buck?" Jay replied "I have to pee."  I could not believe what I was hearing, we are right in the middle of a hunt, a deer just grunted 50 yards away the wind is PERFECT and all he can worry about is peeing.

Well, while Jay is peeing this really nice buck decides to come out, walk right in front of the blind at fifty yards, looks around and then decided to go lay down in the grass about a hundred yards away. Jay FINALLY returns and says he feels better and is ready to hunt. I'm thinking it's about time. Now I know Jay has 20 years on me so I'm being as nice as I can. Jay did ask if I saw anything. I looked at Jay and told him his buck was taking a nap in the grass about a hundred yards to the left. He looked to the left and was in shock. Jay scoped out the buck and decided that was the one he wanted. I hit the grunt call when Jay was ready, but the buck just looked at us and did nothing. Jay decided that he was going to shoot the buck laying down. I told him I didn't like that kind of a shoot, but he let me know that is how they do it in Africa all the time. I told Jay to go ahead and the smoke filled the blind. I did see the buck run into the timber very slowly like he was hurt. We walked up to the timber and there laid Jay's first ever whitetail.

It will be a hunt I will never forget, Jay's buck scored 153 1/8 B&C.


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Very nice buck !!!!!!!!, I

Very nice buck !!!!!!!!, I bet you had NO problem seeing those branche's sticking up above the grasses .

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That's a heck of a buck and a heck of a story! I suppose some people are just luckier than Thanks for sharing that one! 

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Man, that's a heck of a buck,

Man, that's a heck of a buck, especially for your first!  Congrats!

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great story, thanks for

great story, thanks for sharing

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Great buck and great story!

Great buck and great story!

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Very nice buck!!!!!

Very nice buck!!!!!