First Three Hunts of the 2004-2005 Texas Grand Slam

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This Desert Bighorn Ram was taken at Elephant Mountain WMA in Brewster County Jan 14 2005. It scored 167 1/8 green.

This Mule deer was taken at the Puckett Ranch in Pecos County Dec 3 2004 with B&B Outfitters.

This Whitetail was taken at Plaska Lodge in Hall County Dec 9 2004 with Plaska Lodge.

All were taken with Winchester model 70 130 grain Ballistic Silver Tip.
Mule deer at 138 yards
Whitetail at Aprox 375 yards
Ram at 172 yards


hunter25's picture

I have bought the Texas grand

I have bought the Texas grand slam lottery tag but of course I did not win it. I was srprised lo learn how many mule deer Texas has while I was hunting in the pan handle this last year. I saw many fine bucks as good as any I have seen here at home in Colorado.

The Texas bighorn tag is a super deal if you can draw but the odds are about the worst out there with I think only 3 available. On the plus side you get a free guided hunt by the Texas parks or wildlife department, not sure which but it's one of them. The Wildlife Management Areas are very strictly controlled so they send someone with you.

One of the many hunts I apply for and never draw. lol

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Great animals, congrats.

Great animals, congrats.

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All very nice!!!!! Congrats

All very nice!!!!! Congrats on the kills.

groundhog's picture

Nice Slam

Would love to do the Sheep hunt!

Wow nice grandslam and

Wow nice grandslam and congrats