First Ohio 10 Point Buck

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My name is Sarah Fraley and this is my hunting story about my first buck. I am a 28 yr old female that has been hunting several years. I have gotten a few does every year but have never been able to get a buck... until this year!

My boyfriend Brian and I, along with a few friends, loaded up and headed to Gallia county, Ohio. This was our second year there and we had seen several big bucks taken from the area. However we had only gotten a doe last year. I was very excited because this year I had a new simmons scope mounted on my shotgun.

We got up about 5 every morning and hit the woods. I had a area picked out in the middle of some power lines. I hunted this area all week and had not even got a shot. My boyfriend Brian came over to where I was around noon. He asked me if I wanted to switch spots since I had not had very much luck. Brian had already gotten a doe so I decided to try his tree stand for awhile. I sat there most of the day and was getting very bored. The only thing I had seen moving was a few cows grazing in a pasture. I finally climbed down and headed towards Brian.

As I approached him from a pasture behind him I heard a loud rustling in the woods to my left. I thought it was just squarrels but being bored walked to the edge of the woods to look. To my amazement there was four does and a buck!! I was not expecting this and my gun was on my back. I mananged to get one shot off at the last one in the group. I quickly grabbed my radio and called brian. I was not very far away from him and had watched the buck run straight towards him. I told him to look towards his left. About 3 minutes later I heard him shoot. He quickly called me on the radio and told me he had shot the buck.

I followed my blood trail and found what I thought was a doe I had shot. It turned out to be a small button buck. After locating it I quickly ran to where Brian was anxious to see what he had got. There not more than 20 feet from where I had spent all week hunting, layed a 10 pt buck. I was excited at first but then became aggravated. Brian had gotten my buck!!

We had 1 day left to hunt before returning home saturday. The rest of the group went home that night. Brian agreed to stay for one more day so I could try to get a buck. I was more determined than ever now!! Since he had gotten one in my spot I just could'nt go home without one. We all know my small button buck did'nt count!

The next morning I was up and ready at first light. I had decided to try on the other side of the road near another power line. Again we hunted till lunchtime then I got bored and discouraged so I came in to eat. A local from the neighboring farm came down to visit. John would sometimes do an evening hunt with us when he got home from work. He had taken off that day and decided to go back up with us. So we all quckly ate and headed back into the woods.

As I entered the woods I was thinking, well this is it I have to get one!! Brian and John entered to my left at different areas. Brian and John took the west side of the pwoer lines and I took the east. As soon as I entered I spooked a doe and did'nt even get a shot. Now I was really mad at myself. So I decided to just sit for a while near the bottom of the power lines.

After an hour or so Brian called on the radio and said he as going to walk towards us. It was already 330 and he wanted to try and push some my way. John told brian to give him 5 minutes before he started walking. John wanted to move up a bit higher on the hill. I decided maybe I should climb up to a more open area to.

I put my gun over my shoulder and started climbing. It was loud walking with the leaves so dry. I was making alot of noise and did'nt expect to see anything. All of a sudden I heard a loud crashing sound coming from my left a little below me. I turned and saw two bucks crashing through the power lines. I could'nt believe it they were heading straight towards me! I quckly grabbed my shotgun and looked into the scope. I located them but was having trouble getting a clean shot. They were below me about 90 yards and running very fast. Then I got a opening, held my breath and slowly squeezed the trigger as I moved the gun along with them. I saw the big buck stumble but he kept on running, I quickly tried to get another shot off but knew I missed that shot.

I was so sure I had hit him him the first shot, I ran down to the area and looked for a blood trail. I looked all around but could'nt find anything. No deer or blood trail anywhere!!! Getting discouraged I sat down against a tree to take a break. I watched the cars below travel on the road. I then heard one suddenly stop and watched two guys pointing towards the creek. The creek was only about 10 feet from the road. I thought they must see my deer and he is not dead. I jumped to my feet and the guys pointed towards me then left. I ran down the hill and started looking again. But still no sign of my buck anywhere. I called brian on the radio and he met me close by. I explained everything to him. He asked me was I sure I shot it. I told him yes but I could'nt find any blood.

We went back to start over from where I had shot from. We searched and searched but no blood trail. Brian then found a trial of overturned leaves heading towards the creek. I was so mad and discouraged as the woods started gettngn dark. I told him I must have been wrong and missed the shot. I then turned and headed towards the camp. I walked a few feet then heard Brian yelling "You got it and its a buck!" At first I thought he was playing a mean joke. He then yelled again "ITs a 10 pointer like mine!!" I quckly ran over and to my surprise there layed the prettiest buck id ever seen!!! I was soooo excited I wanted to call everybody and take pictures. Brian laughed and said we got to first field dress it then you can go brag!! I hate feild dressing but this time I done it with all smiles!! It might not be that big of a buck but it sure was to me.

This was my best deer hunt yet. I know we both will proabably never go again and both get a 10 pointer. Its one ill tell my grandkids about someday. I made sure I got him mounted and im still excited about getting it back. Hope this story encourages some hunters out there to keep trying and dont give up.


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Good job, nice Ohio bucks.

Good job, nice Ohio bucks.

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Nice Bucks!