First Minnesota Deer Hunt

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It was 5:45 and my dad and I were on the way to our stand when I noticed that there were tracks leading into our stand. Finally, get to stand. Right around 6:15 I heard some brush moving to the left of me. About 15 minutes later I saw some horns moving and they weren't stopping. I grab my gun and line it up between two pine trees. As soon he got bewteen those two trees I lined the cross hairs on his shoulder and pulled the trigger. It was 6:30, just about a second or two before I shot the deer my dad whispers in my ear "shot". We waited about 10 minutes, then got down from our stand. I walk over to where I shot him and my dad tells me thats where he shot his biggest deer he shot (8 points and 235 lbs.).

As we were walking we noticed all the small trees knocked down blood all over them. And then there it was. Laying there on the ground. The first words that come out of my mouth were "I wish grandpa was here". I gave my dad a hug and he tells me that mine landed about 10 feet from his giant he shot landed. We gut it out and drag it too the edge of our trail. All of this made us tired so we headed back to the car to grab a bite. When we got to the car a 4 point buck gets up runs away. We search for it but no luck. Just about that time my uncle and his son come to car and ask about the deer. We told him it was a giant doe. So we get them all pumped up and back to the cabin to borrow a 4- wheeler. So we get back to the trail and head out to get the deer. When they saw it they were in shock. So we put it on the wheeler and head back to the cabin.

At our cabin we have a big buck pot. It's when everyone thats hunting for deer puts 10 bucks in. Whatever deer weighs the most wins the pot. So in the pot theres $130 and I thought I had it in the bag. Well I was wrong. The night before the contest was over my uncle shot the biggest buck of his life, 9 points and a 146 lbs. I couldn't believe it. So my mom gave me the ok to mount it so its being made right now. What my uncle did with the money is another story. On Christmas Eve, a mysterious packege appears at our house for me. So I take it in and open it. It's a Cabela's parka. The next day my dad told me my uncle bought with the money he won or as he put "stole" from me. But that was one of the best highlights of my year. Ever since then I've been addicted to hunting and can't stop thinking about it.

About the Buck and Hunter
Name: Dan Conrad
Age: 14
Where the deer was shot: Grand Marais, MN
Points: 13
Weight: 225
Other info: First Deer


Great Story

Those are the kind of stories to tell your grand kids. I'll be up there this year for deer season. I hope my season with friends and family turn out just as great. Good hunting!


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nice minnesota buck, i kinda

nice minnesota buck, i kinda miss hunting there,

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Very nice, congrats.

Very nice, congrats.