First Elk

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On her first elk hunt, the day started out bright and early (4:30 am) for Brittany Hutton. Brittany is 14 years old and has already taken two nice mule deer bucks the last two years. Now it was time for something bigger. Brittany was very nervous at first but that subsided as she was fast asleep in the truck within 30 minutes on our way to the hunting area. Within about an hour after sunlight the action started.

We had approximately a hundred head of elk crossing in front of us. As Brittany watch the legal bull in the herd she became very excited and nervous. Being a responsible hunter, Brittany had to let the bull pass by as she could not get a good clean shot due to all the cow elk continuously surrounding the bull. This situation presented itself again to Brittany that day with a different herd but she did not get discouraged as she knew there was always tomorrow.
Brittany Hutton with her first bull elk!

The second day started out as early as the first and again we were into the elk within an hour after sunlight. After watching another bull slip by, Brittany was definitely ready to get her chance. Then it happened, we spotted two bulls all by themselves walking into the juniper trees. As they came by where we had predicted, Brittany was ready for her chance. She stepped up and looked over the bulls through her scope. She then picked out the bigger of the two bulls, carefully aimed and fired off one shot (off hand) and the elk fell in its tracks.

This hunt was one of the most enjoyable for Brittany's grandpa (Richard Bush) and it was definitely my most memorable hunt, to be with my daughter on her first elk hunt.


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Good job on your first bull.

Good job on your first bull.

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Great first bull, congrats

Great first bull, congrats

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Nice first bull!