First Africa Hunting Trip

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My first hunting trip to Africa was with Professional Hunter, Clement Victor of Victor Hunting Safaris, out of South Africa. The cost to book one hunt for one animal in North America, I was able bag 13 having all of them in either European or shoulder mounts.

My largest trophy was an enormous Cape Eland, measuring in at 37", it qualified for Rowland Ward and SCI record books. Looking for a 33" or better Eland, I had no idea how large they grow in these parts. The crazy thing is my PH told me that there are bigger Eland if I want to pass this one up. He really said that!

When not hunting, Clement would take me on site seeing/photo safaris to Sun City for a little gambling at the casinos and another day shopping for super deals in the markets, for gifts back home. While out shopping we enjoyed exotic meals of ostrich and crocodile wonderfully prepared complimented by the finest in wines. While out hunting, I never imagined having wildebeest, kudu, eland, warthog, steenbok or impala prepared as if we were at a five star restaurant. Actually it was more like eating out at a million star restaurant under the stars near an acacia tree with white tablecloth each night.

After dinner and while having a cordial of Amarula, we would listen to an orchestra of doves, lonely jackals and other nocturnal friends of the African night. Each day was carefully planned and I took an animal every day, one, two and sometimes three animals, it just doesn't get any better than that! While I am typing this, I keep staring at a photo of my record book Eland with SCI and Roland Ward certificates in the frame and can't wait for my next hunt in Africa. The only trouble one may find in Africa is getting bitten by that African bug that causes you to keep coming back.


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Congrats, nice animal.

Congrats, nice animal.

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congrats, thats one of my

congrats, thats one of my dream hunts

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Wow what an animal!