Fantastic Illinois Deer Hunt

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I went hunting with my brother – Doug Nations - in Western Illinois (near Moline, IL) the first week of November. We were a little early for the rut and didn't see much. I had to go back home to Arizona and since he lives in Moline, he got to stay (The Lucky Rascal) and continued to hunt the next week which was prime time for the rut. He saw many deer on the morning of November 13th, many bucks chasing does and he bagged this one with his bow at 15 yards.

It field dressed at 234 lbs and scored a 155, a deer of a lifetime for him. He called me while he was still in the treestand looking at his buck that dropped right where he shot it (missed a little high and hit the spine). He was so excited I thought we would fall out of the tree. He was screaming at me saying "I just killed a monster bro!" I'm so happy for him, he has put in a lot of time and effort and it has paid off. Way to go Bro!


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WOW!!! Look at that mass,

WOW!!! Look at that mass, congrats

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Very nice buck!!!!! Great

Very nice buck!!!!! Great mass!!!!! Great story!!!!!

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Spectacular rack. Great job.

Spectacular rack. Great job.