Fantastic Florida 9 Pointer!

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Like others I thought I would never top that fine buck I took last year in Oklahoma, until January 19, 2010, when I was hunting in the northern portion of Okaloosa County Florida, north of Baker Florida and just a few miles south of the Alabama line. Close to 5:00 pm this nice 9 pointer come in chasing a doe. I watched him for a few minutes until I was able to take a 75 yard shot. After shooting him he ran about 40 yards and dropped. This is my best whitetail deer to date. He weighed 200 pounds and has a 17 inch inside spread. It was a chore to get him in the truck but worth every minute of it.

Please get out and enjoy the wonders of the hunting experience, and take a child and expose them to this wonderful tradition.


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There are some great bucks

There are some great bucks down in FL but the majority of them live on private land. Killing a buck like this on public land is rare. The lack of mass of his antlears is typical for FL though. it is indeed a nice buck...

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Very nice deer, is that

Very nice deer, is that typical of flordia?

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Very nice buck from Florida.

Very nice buck from Florida. Good story.

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Thats a great deer ecspecialy

Thats a great deer ecspecialy for florida. I've hunted up in that area as a youngin and had a great time. I'll be taking a few youngsters out with me this year, hopefully they'll enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks for sharing.