Family Deer Hunt in Texas

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I posted earlier about my first whitetail but decided to tell the whole story. After years of thinking about it I finally decided to book a hunt for whitetail in Texas. After months of searching the internet for a good deal I booked a 3 day management hunt in Childress Texas. This would be a first whitetail hunt for my son and I and a return for my dad after 25 years.

We arrived in Childress the night before and called the ranch to start our hunt the next morning. After arriving in the dark and shaking hands we were off and hunting. This was all new for me as I am not used to sitting in a stand for 4 hours and just waiting. I saw a lot of deer the first morning including some great mulie bucks but nothing more than a 6 point whitetail.

Arrived back at camp to find out my dad had taken a small 8 point and my son had missed one after a bad buck fever attack.

Four hours later we were back out sitting and waiting again. A lot of the same deer from that morning came and went and I was finally rewarded with a shot right at dark. I fired at a ranged 200 yards and watched as the buck ran straight at us on wobbly legs indicating a solid hit but turned and disappeared into the brush about 75 yards out. After waiting 15 minutes we went down to look for him. I spotted him still standing and fired one more shot as he turned and ran.

At this point it got dark and we were unable to find a good enough blood trail to follow in the dark and decided to let him lay up till morning. That was one of the longest nights of my life for sure thinking I had made a bad shot and might lose him.

There was nothing to worry about however as in the daylight we found him only another 100 away down the same trail he had been on the night before. That was the hardest hit deer I have seen and still be able to run almost 200 yards from the time of the first shot. I had hit him quartering on both sides and literally xed his body front to back. My 160gr triple shocks had done a great job he just didn't go down. This is the first deer I have ever had go more than 10 yards after a shot.

My son got his the next night but unfortunately shot a mulie by mistake. At least it was in season so all was okay he was just a little upset not getting a whitetail like the rest of us. But as a result we are going back next year to try again and get to hunt hogs for 3 days first and get to hunt opening day instead of a month later for the same price.

We got this deal because he had a guide with him that thought it was a whitetail because of a broken horn and gave him the go signal to shoot.

All in all it was a great trip for a 3 generation hunt.

My dad would be the one on the right in the picture.


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I really enjoyed your story,

I really enjoyed your story, especially the three generation part. My dad and I hunt together all the time. My son is a little over 4 and we get him out to do some scouting and other things in the woods and he loves it. I can't wait until our first 3rd generation hunt. I also want to congratulate you all on the 3 nice bucks. Tripling up on any hunt is awesome and for it to happen within your family is even better yet. Very nice pictures as well. 

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That was a great enjoyable

That was a great enjoyable story. Going 3 for 3 is pretty darn good, even if one was a muley. They were all pretty nice bucks and how many times does that happen, a 3 generation hunt. My son is my lifetime hunting partner and his son (my grandson) is 4. I can't wait until we all hunt together. It wwill be awesome when we get our first triple kill. My son and I have doubled up a couple of times. Once again congratulations on your hunt and I hope you have continued success.

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Great story Wade! The 3

Great story Wade! The 3 generation hunt is something I'm looking forward to, my son is only 3 so i have a few more years to wait. I hunt with my dad just about every year, this past year i put a bow in his hands and taught him to shoot and he had a blast, he didnt get anything by had a few up close chances. My oldest step son is 10 and not to into outdoor stuff by my step daughter is 9 and cant wait to ba able to hunt with me, i take her out hunting but she wants to shoot her own animal. just a 3 more years for her.

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Those are some nice looking bucks.  It is a minor bummer that your son got a mule deer when he wanted a whitetail, but I think that mule deer is a rather nice consolation prize.  Also, the upcoming hog hunt at a nice price also has to help alleviate any possible disappointment. 

I think it is awesome that you were able to get three generations of family together on a single hunt, made even better by the fact that you were all three successful. 

At some point I am going to have to give whitetail hunting a try. 

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Wonderful story


What a great story of three generations getting out there and getting it done. There is nothing better than having the kids get so excited. That is what it is all about. Sharing it with your dad and son, "PRICELESS" !

Have yet to decide to try out for a whitetail, but maybe someday.


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Great Story

That's a really great story, Wade. I'm glad you decided to share it with us. Hunting with your dad, your son, or both is a real treat. I grew up hunting with my dad, and my son grew up hunting with me, but the three generations never made it out together. My dad died when my son was only 8, but he had lived in another state and had given up hunting by that time anyway.

From the photo, I can see how your son's deer might be mistaken for a whitetail. Too bad, but that's a nice deer in my book.

Thanks again for sharing this story. It's always great to hear about families getting together for any activity - but especially for a deer hunt. You can't beat that!